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TRUE or FALSE? There are 3 types of blood vessels: Arteries, Capillaries, Veins



What body system is the blood in our bodies a part of?

A. Digestive System

B. Circulatory System

C. Skeletal System

D. Excretory System

What are blood vessels?

A. Parts of the body that are filled with lots of blood

B. Organs that give blood

C. Tubes that blood travels through

D. Different locations in the heart

What are the four components within your blood?

A. White blood cells, nucleus, hemoglobin, plasma

B. Red blood cells, plasma, hemoglobin, platlets

C. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma

D. Blood vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries

The function of capillaries is…

A. To deliver blood from the heart

B. To connect the different body parts together

C. To connect arteries and the brain to deliver oxygen around the body

D. To help connect arteries and veins in order to deliver blood around the body

What is the function of platelets?

A. Platelets create breaks in the blood vessels and are bad for you

B. Platelets are blood vessels that help to carry blood around the body

C. Platelets burst when there is a break in the blood vessels and help to glue it back together

D. Platelets fight off infection in the body

What is blood and its function?

A. Connective tissue that helps to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body

B. Muscle that carries cells around the body

C. Connective tissue that carries carbon dioxide around the body

D. Muscle that fills our body


A. Help to carry blood AWAY from the heart

B. Help to carry blood TO the heart

What are the 4 main blood types?

A. A, AA, O, BA

B. A, B, O, OB

C. A, AB, O, B

D. A, B, O, BA

What is plasma made out of?

A. 90% blood

B. 90% water

C. 90% food

D. 90% bacteria

TRUE or FALSE? White blood cells help to fight off disease and infection. They destroy harmful bacteria.




A. Are similar to arteries but are stronger

B. Are the same as arteries by carrying blood AWAY from the heart

C. Are similar to arteries but carries blood BACK to the heart

What are blood transfusions?

A. Replacement of lost blood

B. Exchanging blood

C. Selling blood

D. Replacing your blood with a new blood type

Plasma is…

A. The reason why our blood is red in colour

B. The yellow liquid part of our blood that holds red and white blood cells

C. The solid part of our blood that helps to create blood clots

D. The part of our blood that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide

What do red blood cells do?

A. Carry carbon dioxide to the rest of the body from the lungs, while taking oxygen back to the lungs to be exhaled

B. Fights of infections and bacteria

C. Makes our blood red

D. Carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, while taking carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be exhaled


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