Medical Quiz

Physical Quiz


Which is a good example of an activity that would increase flexibility?
A. Playing basketball
B. Yoga
C. Golf
D. Tennis

Which person easily got chronic disease?

A. Senior citizen

B. Adult

C. Kids

Cooling down helps our muscles to ?

A. Hurt

B. Warm-up

C. Relax

D. Go to sleep

Suitable attire for student to play?

A. Shirt pants

B. Shirt pants shoes

C. Shirt pants shoes and socks

Which one is true ?

A. People easily love to get chronic disease

B. People die easily after get chronic disease

C. People can avoid chronic disease by changing lifestyle

We eat a “Rainbow on our Plate” because

A. brightly coloured foods are the healthiest for us.

B. our plate will look colourful.

C. having a plate full of white food is boring.

D. None of the above

Rest helps muscles recover from physical activity and reduces mental stress.



Physical activity helps reduce stress, and it adds to your total sense of well-being.

Which of the following is a safety precaution associated with playing sports safely?

A. proper conditioning and proper footwear

B. Warm-up and flexibility exercises

C. Don’t Over do it and Stay Hydrated

D. Wear appropriate sports safety equipment and clothing

E. all of the above

Food rich in protein helps build what?

A. Muscles

B. Bones

C. Calcium

D. None of the above

How far your heart can launch your blood if heart was outside of your body?

A. 10 feet

B. 30 feet

C. 20 feet

The ability of you heart to pump blood and lungs to receive oxygen so that you have the ability to sustain an activity for an extended period of time

A. Muscular Strength

B. Muscular Endurance

C. Flexibility

D. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

How many beats of our heart per day ?

A. 11500 times only per day

B. 115 times only per day

C. 115000 times only per day

What is the ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity?

A. Flexibility

B. Balance

C. Coordination

D. Reaction Time

Consider which foods you would want to eat more of if the Doctor told you to eat more Fibre.

A. Broccoli, spinach, apples and strawberries

B. Yogurt, poultry, milk, and eggs

C. Cheddar cheese, lean meat, and fish

D. None of the above.

Which of the following is NOT a swimming stroke ?

A. Side step

B. Breaststroke

C. Back stroke

D. Butterfly

Which part of your body facing plate?

A. Face, toes, shoulder and waist

B. Toes and face

C. Toes, waist and shoulder

Why do we need to eat fruits and vegetables

A. To make our teeth white

B. To stop our feet from swelling

C. To keep us healthy

D. To make us strong

You have so many blood vessels in your body.Just imagine how far all your blood vessel can reach?

A. 60000 miles

B. 600 miles

C. 6000 miles

During ready to hit , you cannot ……..

A. Open wide your knee as stable as you can

B. Raise your bat until reach your back head level

C. Grip properly and ready to swing

Non communicable disease known as

A. Kids disease

B. Common disease

C. Chronic disease

Your heart is a muscle that needs to be

A. strengthened by following a daily routine of exercise correctly.

B. pushed to the limit.

C. exercise only once a month.

D. left alone.

Who easily can get heart attack?

A. Senior citizen

B. Teenager

C. Kids

Which Sport/Game is this ?
A.     Football
B.     Cricket
C.     Tennis
D.     Basketball

What activities are considered aerobic exercises?

A. running long distances

B. singles tennis

C. swimming laps

D. all of the above


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