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Physical Quiz


Your heart is a muscle that needs to be

A. strengthened by following a daily routine of exercise correctly.

B. pushed to the limit.

C. exercise only once a month.

D. left alone.

To ensure a safe workout you should

A. drink plenty of fluids.

B. wear loose fitting clothing.

C. properly warm up prior to exercise.

D. all of the above.

What is stance ?

A. A place where people want to hit

B. A place for referee

C. A place for audience

In volleyball you rotate in which direction?

A. backward

B. clockwise

C. circular

D. any way you want

Where should you put your bat at stance?

A. Put on the ground

B. Put on your shoulder

C. Put on top on your head

There were two type of receiving shuttle in badminton.

A. Serve

B. Back hand

C. Smash

Which of the following is an easy way to measure good fitness?

A. walking

B. resting heart rate

C. running

D. lifting weights

We have to grip properly during playing badminton because?

A. To make us comfortable

B. For fun

C. Easy to swing racquet

Choosing activities that you enjoy will make it easier for you to meet your personal fitness goals.



What is doing something over and over again so you can get better at it?

A. Games

B. Exercise

C. Practice

D. Prevention

Chronic disease is contagious to other?



How to hit a softball?

A. The grip

B. The stance and grip

C. The stance

What is the advantage to exercise?

A. improve quality of life

B. decrease chronic disease

C. stress relief

D. all of the above

How do you stay healthy?

A. Eat healthy, but never exercise

B. Exercise and never eat healthy

C. All i do is exercise and eat vegetables

D. Have a good balanced diet and do at least an hour of exercise a day

Which person easily got chronic disease?

A. Senior citizen

B. Adult

C. Kids

Throwing usually use……… as equipment.

A. Ball

B. Socks

C. Hoola hoop

The health related component of fitness that covers what the body is composed of. The amount of lean mass compared to fat mass.

A. Body Composition

B. Muscular Endurance

C. Flexibility

D. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

Which one is chronic disease

A. Fever

B. Measles

C. Diabetes

Heart supply blood to all organ?

A. True.


Hand grip during playing badminton very important because?

A. To make sure people feel comfortable

B. To avoid qurvein injury

C. To make us happy during playing

Which one is false ?

A. We can avoid chronic disease

B. Chronic disease can transfer to other person

C. We can prevent from chronic disease

How many people can play badminton in a court at the same time?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 8

What is the ability to move quickly once a signal to start moving is received?

A. Speed

B. Reaction Time

C. Power

D. Body Composition

Fat that has been stored in your body serves as a reserve supply of energy and helps to protect internal organs.



Which system does physical activity not help

A. Cardiovascular

B. Respiratory

C. Musculoskeletal

D. your gaming system


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