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Physical Quiz


Which of the following is an example of a component of Physical Fitness?

A. Cardiovascular Endurance

B. Flexibility

C. Muscular Endurance

D. All of the above.

How many people can play badminton in a court at the same time?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 8

The ability to stretch and move efficiently in a full range of motion is called __________ .

A. power

B. endurance

C. flexibility

D. strength

Which Sport/Game is this ?
A.     Boxing
B.     Taekwon Do
C.     Karate
D.     Fencing

How do you stay healthy?

A. Eat healthy, but never exercise

B. Exercise and never eat healthy

C. All i do is exercise and eat vegetables

D. Have a good balanced diet and do at least an hour of exercise a day

Throwing classified as ….

A. Action taken by our body to throw away things use hand and require body energy and good posture

B. Action taken by our body to throw away things use hand

C. Throw away things use hand and require body energy and good posture

What happens to your muscles when you exercise ?

A. They get stronger

B. They get weaker

C. They get smaller

D. They stay the same

Any form of movement that causes your body to use energy is…
A. Physical Fitness
B. Physical Activity
C. Exercise
D. Sedentary Lifestyle

Heart supply blood to all organ?

A. True.


Which system does physical activity not help

A. Cardiovascular

B. Respiratory

C. Musculoskeletal

D. your gaming system

Getting enough sleep is important to good health.



Which Sport/Game is this ?
A.     Tennis
B.     Football
C.     Basketball
D.     Squash

What part of your hand should you use to set a volleyball?

A. palm

B. wrist

C. finger tips

D. knuckles

Body energy during throwing divided into ?

A. 1 ; High energy only

B. 2 ;High and low energy

C. 3 ;High ,medium and low energy

What is the ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity?

A. Flexibility

B. Balance

C. Coordination

D. Reaction Time

Which one is chronic disease

A. Fever

B. Measles

C. Diabetes

When you are trying to score a goal you are ?

A. Attacking

B. Fielding

C. Defending

D. Marking

We have to grip properly during playing badminton because?

A. To make us comfortable

B. For fun

C. Easy to swing racquet

After playing a match we must ?

A. Cool-Down

B. Warm-up

C. Go Cold

D. Wake-up

The integration of eye, hand, and foot movements is called, what?
A. Power
B. Flexibility
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Coordination

Non communicable disease known as

A. Kids disease

B. Common disease

C. Chronic disease

Which one is chronic disease?

A. Rashes

B. Cancer

C. Fever

Why body posture very important during throwing?

A. To make us stable

B. To avoid injury

C. Just for fun

In volleyball, Team A just served to Team B and Team A lost the point. Which team gets to serve the ball now?

A. Team A

B. Team B

During ready to hit , you cannot ……..

A. Open wide your knee as stable as you can

B. Raise your bat until reach your back head level

C. Grip properly and ready to swing


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