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Animal Genetics and Nutrition Quiz


What is a genome?

A. One specific trait

B. All of the possible traits an animal has in its DNA

C. A homozygous mixture

D. A heterozygous mixture

What is the 95% rule with pet food and animal feed labels?

A. 95% of the feed should be meat

B. 95% of the feed should be what the label says

C. 95% of the feed should be filler

D. None of these

What is the function of fats?

A. To provide a major source of energy

B. To provide a major source of warmth

C. To provide strong bones

D. To provide for healthy developing embryos

Which term is used to describe the PHYSICAL characteristics we can see in an animal?

A. Genotype

B. Phenotype

C. Genome


An animal has relaxed ears, bright eyes, relaxed muscles and a wagging or slightly lifted tail. What behavior could this animal be exhibiting?

A. Fear

B. Agression

C. Comfort

D. Submission

What is the term for a characteristic that an animal may have?

A. Trait

B. Chromosome

C. Homozygous

D. Potassium

What is the tool we can use to make genetic predictions?

A. Pearson’s square

B. Peterson’s square

C. Punnett square

D. Problematic square

Which tool predicts pounds of feed needed to form a ration?

A. Punnett Square

B. Peterson square

C. Pearson’s Square

D. Problematic Square

Which behavior reaction frequently is shown before an agression reaction?

A. Comfort

B. Fear

C. Submission

D. Happy

Which feed type is high in fiber but low in energy?

A. Roughage

B. Concentrate

C. Supplements

D. Corn

What is the function of vitamin C?

A. To promote a healthy immune system

B. To make strong bones

C. To grow healthy fur

D. None of these

What is the function of potassium?

A. To help muscle fibers twitch and move

B. To protect developing embryos

C. To form strong bones

D. To keep animals warm

If an animal carries at least one other variation of a trait, what word would we use to describe it?

A. Homozygous

B. Heterozygous

C. Variety

D. None of these

Which of the following is an example of a roughage?

A. Grain

B. Hoof supplement

C. Corn

D. Grass/hay

If a trait has physically shown through and is manifested in an animal, how would we describe this trait?

A. Recessive

B. Incomplete

C. Genome

D. Dominant

Which of the following would be an example of a concentrate?

A. Hay

B. Mineral blocks

C. Corn

D. Grass

What percentage of an animal’s body is made of water?

A. 20%

B. 40%

C. 50%

D. 70%


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