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What is Psychology? Quiz


_________ involves applying psychology to criminal investigation and the law.

A. clinical psychology

B. social psychology

C. forensic psychology

D. neuro psychology

Mia is a 9 years old girl. she is active learner. she explores the physical and social world both to expand her learning. this view is called ____________

A. psychoanalysis

B. constructivism

C. developmental psychology

D. socialism

Which of the following mental health careers requires a medical doctorate (MD)?

A. clinical psychologist

B. counsellor

C. counselling psychologist

D. psychiatrist

The unconscious mind influences everything we do.

A. Biological perspective

B. Psychodynamic perspective

C. Behavioral perspective

D. Cognitive perspective

What makes psychology a science?

A. Many psychologists have earned advanced college degrees.

B. Psychologists focus on studying behavior and mental processes.

C. The methods psychologists use to ask and answer questions.

D. Psychologists may study the brain.

A medical doctor who specializes in treating psychological problems is a?

A. health psychologist

B. research psychologist

C. neuro psychologist

D. psychiatrist

Eating disorders are more prevalent in the West because we are constantly bombarded with images of thin, perfect bodies.

A. Social-cultural perspective

B. Behavioral perspective

C. Biological perspective

D. Psychodynamic perspective

The school headteacher has been able to resolve conflicts among teachers, the action that has made the school have a maximum learning environment. Which one of the following branches of psychology has been applied?

A. industrial/organizational psychology

B. social psychology

C. counselling psychology

D. developmental psychology

_______ investigates internal mental processes, such as problem solving, memory, learning, and language

A. cognitive psychology

B. developmental psychology

C. abnormal psychology

D. clinical psychology

____________________ perspective is in response to structuralism.

A. functionalism

B. gestalt psychology

C. humanistic psychology

D. constructivism

Dr. Philip Zimbardo (1972) found that Stanford University students who had been randomly assigned to act as either a guard or prisoner in a simulated prison, adopted these roles completely. After 6 days the study had to be stopped as the guards became cruel and the prisoners suffered stress reactions. Dr. Zimbardo found that the behavior of the participants in the study began to shape their beliefs and attitudes. Dr. Zimbardo is most likely a:

A. Personality psychologist

B. Behavioral psychology

C. Social psychologist

D. Clinical psychologist

“Change your thoughts, change your life.”

A. Psychodynamic perspective

B. Behavioral perspective

C. Cognitive perspective

D. Biological perspective

During the first day of school, Robert is surprised when his psychology teacher states, “Psychology is a science.” By the end of the class period, Robert understands why. What type of information did Robert’s teacher most likely provide to support her statement?

A. Psychologists are very interested in understanding how the brain functions.

B. Psychologists systematically collect research data.

C. Psychologists are very interested in human behavior and mental processes.

D. Psychologists spend many years in college earning advanced degrees.

Dr. Jean Piaget (1952) showed 5-year-old children two identical glass beakers each containing the same amount of liquid. The children had no difficultly understanding that the amount of liquid was the same in both containers. However, when the liquid from one beaker was poured into a tall, thin beaker, the children mistakenly believed that the taller glass had more liquid. Dr. Piaget concluded that children at this age lack the ability to understand that volume remains the same even if its appearance changes. Dr. Piaget was most likely a(n):

A. Developmental psychologist

B. Educational psychologist

C. Social psychologist

D. Child psychologist

Anxiety in sport can be defined as…

A. Feeling cool, calm, and collected before the competition.

B. A state of physical preparedness prior to sports performance.

C. Feelings of nerves of worry before or during a sports performance.

Educational psychology is concerned with:

A. Studying growth and development of children.

B. Finding ways of facilitating teaching and learning.

C. Classifying children according to their behavior.

D. Treating people suffering with emotional disorders.

New workers at McDonald’s are required to complete an employee-training program to improve the work efficiency and compete for healthy competitions. This program may have been implemented by which type of psychologist?

A. Health psychologist

B. Educational psychologist

C. Industrial/Organization psychologist

D. Social psychologist

I was late for work today and therefore got scolded. then I realised I forgot my lunch at home. In the afternoon I missed by bus. It was a bad day and I am unlucky. this view of holistic experience is given by _______.

A. Sigmund Freud

B. Carl Rogers

C. William James

D. gestalt


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