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Respiratory, Cardiovascular & Oncology Quiz


Which class of cardiac drugs, aim to increase the contractile force and chamber filling of the heart?

A. Anticholinergics

B. Diuretics

C. Positive Inotropes

D. Negative inotropes

Which ONE underlying condition does NOT lead to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats.

A. Hyperthyroidism

B. Gastric ulcers

C. Chronic Renal Failure

D. Hypertension

When performing physiotherapy on a patient effleurage can be described as:

A. gentle massage to improve circulation

B. squeeze of the cardiac area to remove fluid build up

C. swinging of the animal to relieve pressure on the heart and thoracic area

D. beating of the chest with cupped hands to relieve mucus build up

What effect does hyperkalaemia have on the heart?

A. Tachycardia

B. Hypertrophy

C. Bradycardia

D. Valve dysfunction

Which of the following is most typical of a benign cancer growth?

A. Fast growing

B. Has a surrounding capsule

C. Spreads to other areas in the body

D. Ulcerated

Which of the following breeds has a genetic predisposition to mitral valve insufficiency?

A. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS)

B. Boxer

C. West Highland Terrier

D. German Shepard

Which heart valve is most commonly affected by disease in canine patients?

A. Mitral

B. Tricuspid

C. Aortic

D. Pulmonary

Which breed is most commonly associated with cutaneous mast cell tumours?


B. Yorkshire Terriers

C. Poodles

D. Boxers

Which of the following drugs is a loop diuretic licensed for use treating congestive heart failure in dogs?

A. Spironolactone

B. Furosemide

C. Pimobendan

D. Potassium iodide

Which of the following is a common site for metastasis?

A. Oral cavity

B. Kidneys

C. Liver


Which of the following is an effective antitussive in dogs and cats?

A. Medetomidine

B. Codeine

C. Omeprazole

D. Acepromazine

Which test should be performed before each administration of chemotherapy (except for prednisolone)?

A. Haematology

B. Biochemistry

C. Urinalysis

D. Echocardiogram

A cat in severe respiratory distress becomes cyanotic whilst placing a cephalic IV catheter. What is the most appropriate course of action?

A. Sedate the animal and get a IVC placed

B. oxygenate the patient in a oxygen tent and let relax

C. Attempt placement in the lateral saphenous vein to minimise stress caused by restraint

D. Cover the cat’s eyes with a towel to reduce stress

Which ONE of the following is the term used to describe difficulty breathing?

A. Apnoea

B. Tahcypnoea

C. Dyspnoea

D. Bradypnoea

A cat is showing signs of dyspnoea following a road traffic accident. Which position should they be placed in for a conscious thoracic radiograph?

A. right lateral

B. dorsal recumenbency

C. left lateral

D. sternal recumbency


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