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Deaf Blind Quiz


How do Deaf Blind people use the computer?

A. They don’t

B. An interpreter reads it for them

C. They use adapted screen changes or a screen reader

D. Very carefully

Haben Girma says one of the biggest challenges is _____________.

A. people’s attitudes

B. being able to get around

C. being able to communicate

D. learning

Who is this?

A. Helen Keller

B. Mrs. Bennett

C. Michelle Obama

D. Haben Girma

What is the number 1 cause of Deaf Blindness?

A. Being Born Premature

B. Usher Syndrome

C. Accidents

D. Other Syndromes

Who is Haben Girma?

A. The president of the Deaf Blind Association

B. A Deaf Blind graduate of Harvard Law School

C. An advocate for Deaf children

D. The president of Harvard

What case did Haben Girma win?

A. American Airlines refused to provide braille safety instructions

B. Harvard Law School refused to caption videos

C. The court systems refused to provide interpreters

D. Scribd refused to provide accessible texts online

How do Deaf Blind people get around?

A. Service animals

B. White and red cane

C. Guide services

D. All of the above

How would you describe one’s experience with DeafBlindness?

A. It’s all or nothing, they either have all their vision and all their hearing, or none of either

B. The person always loses their hearing first, then their sight

C. The amount of hearing and vision that a person has can both vary

D. The amount of hearing one has can vary, but blindness is total darkness

How do people with Deaf Blindness communicate?

A. Protactile ASL

B. ASL signed in a smaller space

C. Braille

D. Large Print

E. All of the above

What book with Haben Girma write?

A. Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law

B. The Deafblind Woman who Conquered Deafblindness

C. Feeling Through

D. Haben Girma: My Journey


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