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Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition Quiz


The nutrient needed for energy to run every function within the body is _____.

A. vitamins

B. proteins

C. carbohydrates

D. fats

When sebum hardens and the sebaceous duct becomes clogged, the pore impaction that is formed is a

A. scar

B. lubricant

C. secretory coil

D. comedo

Which vitamin helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the suns UV light?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin D

C. Vitamin E

D. Vitamin C

The amount and type of pigment produced in an individual is determined by his or her ______.

A. genes

B. gender

C. sun exposure

D. age

the clear fluid that bathes skin cells, remove toxins and cellular waste, and has immune functions is called

A. lymph

B. blood

C. adipose

D. collagen

The stratum germinativum is composed of several layers with special cells that produce a dark skin pigment called _____.

A. pigment

B. elastin

C. melanin

D. keratin

The layer of the epidermis also known as the basal cell layer is the _____.

A. stratum lucidum

B. stratum spinosum

C. stratum corneum

D. stratum germinativum

Nerves that regulate the excretion of perspiration from the sudoriferous glands and control the flow of sebum to the surface of the skin are _____.

A. motor nerve fibers

B. sensory nerve fibers

C. secretory nerve fibers

D. impulse nerve fibers

What is a fibrous protein that gives skin form and strength?

A. keratin

B. dermal papillae

C. papule

D. collagen

which nerve fibers react to heat, cold, touch, pressure, and pain?

A. motor

B. secretory

C. passive

D. sensory

During excretion, perspiration from the ______ glands is excreted through the skin.

A. sudoriferous

B. sebaceous

C. reticular

D. papillary

What helps protect against UV rays?

A. sebum

B. keratin

C. elastin

D. melanin

The fibrous protein that gives skin its flexibility and helps skin regain its shape after being expanded is

A. collagen

B. elastin

C. keratin

D. protein

Which type of nerve fibers carry impulses from the brain to the muscles?

A. sensory

B. motor

C. secretory

D. central

Impulses are carried from the brain to the muscles by ________ nerve fibers

A. motor

B. secretory

C. passive

D. sensory

Lack of water is the principal cause of ______.

A. daytime fatigue

B. daytime hunger

C. daytime mood swings

D. daytime memory loss

The small, cone-shaped elevations at the bottom of hair follicles are called

A. tactile corpuscles

B. sebaceous glands

C. melanocytes

D. dermal papillae

the pigment produced to protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet run rays is

A. keratin

B. melanin

C. elastin

D. collagen

if the skin of an average adult were stretched out, it would cover more then how many square inches

A. 1,500

B. 3,000

C. 5,000

D. 2,000

The scalp has larger and deeper ___ than the skin on the rest of the body.

A. melanocytes

B. propionibacterium acnes

C. sensory nerve fibers

D. hair follicles

A raised, inflamed papule with a white or yellow center containing pus is in the top of the lesion is a _____.

A. papillary

B. pustule

C. callus

D. comedo

The surface of healthy skin should

A. have a neutral pH

B. be slightly acidic

C. be slightly alkaline

D. be highly acific

How many layers does the epidermis have

A. 1

B. 3

C. 6

D. 5

The average adult skin weighs __ pounds

A. 3 to 6

B. 9 to 12

C. 6 to 9

D. 12 to 15

The layer of the epidermis where the process of skin cell shedding begins is the _______.

A. stratum corneum

B. stratum luciderm

C. stratum germinativum

D. stratum spinosum


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