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Cardiovascular System Quiz


Blood flows into the heart at the top into the

A. Atrium

B. Ventricle

The ventricles pump the blood out of the heart



Abnormally high blood pressure:

A. Hypertension

B. Hypotension

Pulmonary Artery
A. carries oxygenated blood to atrium
B. carries deoxygenated blood to lungs
C. carries oxygenated blood to lungs
D. none of the above

Which of the following is not a function of the cardiovascular system?

A. Movement

B. Fighting disease

C. Maintaining hydration

D. All of the above

The oxygen-carrying protein in blood

A. Platelets

B. Blood

C. Plasma

D. Hemoglobin

E. White Blood Cells

__________carry blood away from the heart
A. bronchioles
B. arteries
C. veins
D. capillaries

What is the role of veins in the cardiovascular system?

A. Carry blood away from the heart

B. Carry blood back to the heart

C. Carry blood to the lungs

D. Allows the exchanges of gases, nutrients and wastes between blood and the tissues

Which is the function of red blood cells?

A. Fight pathogens

B. Blood clotting

C. Transport nuti

D. Transport oxygen

What is the main organ of the circulatory system?

A. small intestine

B. bone

C. lungs

D. heart

which vessel has the highest resistance

A. Vena cava

B. Pulmonary vein

C. Pulmonary artery

D. Arterioles

which statement about BOHR effect is true

A. Explains the higher release of oxygen at rest

B. Explains the higher release of oxygen at exercise

C. Explains the higher release of oxygen in the presence of low concentrations of CO2

During cold weather and as part of the body’s mechanism to conserve heat, which of the following happens to the blood vessel?

A. dilate

B. constrict

Most of the carbon dioxide returns back into the blood in the form of

A. CarbaminoHB

B. Hydrogen Carbonate

C. Dissolved in plasma

D. CarboxyHB

Which of these items fights disease and infection?

A. Erythrocytes

B. Leukocytes

C. Thrombocytes

D. Platelets

Which is NOT a function of the circulatory system?

a. deliver O2 and nutrients to cells
b. remove CO2 and wastes from cells
c. break down carbohydrates into glucose
d. transport other materials through body

Arteries, veins, and capillaries are three types of __________

A. heart valves

B. blood vessels

C. cells

D. veins

Thick partition where heart lies in between each lungs.

A. Apex

B. Base

C. Mediastinum

D. Cardiomyocytes

An unborn child of Rh+ mother and Rh- father is exposed to risks involving Rh antigen.

A. Yes

B. No

Thromboplastin catalyzes the conversion of

A. Fibrin to fibrinogen

B. Prothrombin to thrombin

C. Thrombin to fibrinogen

D. Fibrinogen to fibrin

Which of the following is a Blood vessel?

A. Ventricles

B. Heart

C. Arteries

D. Septum

______carry blood back to the heart
A. arteries
B. capillaries
C. veins
D. arterioles

During a heartbeat, what do the ventricles do while the atria relax?

A. Contract

B. Relax

C. Vibrate

Study of the heart and treatment of its disorders

A. Circulatory system

B. Cardiology

C. Cardiovascular system

D. Physiology

Blood clot (thrombus) that block coronary arteries and reduce block flow may result to ischemic heart attack.




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