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Skin Structure and Growth Quiz


The underlying or inner layer of the skin, which is also called the derma corium, cutis, or true skin, is the: 

A. dermis

B. papillary

C. dermal

D. epidermis

The largest organ of the human body is the:

A. liver

B. skin

C. lungs

D. heart

The top of the papillary layer where it joins the epidermis is the: 

A. epidermal-dermal connection

B. dermis corpuscles

C. epidermal-dermal junction

D. epidermis junction

The deepest layer of the epidermis, the basal cell layer, is also known as the: 

A. stratum germinativum

B. stratum corneum

C. stratum spinosum

D. keratin dermis

The layer of the dermis that houses the nerve endings which provide the body with the sense of touch is found in the: 

A. secretory layer

B. reticular layer 

C. dermal layer

D. papillary layer

The clear, transparent layer just under the stratum corneum that consists of small cells through which light can pass is the:

A. stratum spinosum

B. stratum granulosum

C. stratum lucidium

D. stratum corneum

The layer of skin that we see and is treated by the practitioner is the:

A. melanin

B. corneum

C. keratin

D. spinosum

The stratum germinativum is composed of several layers with special cells that produce a dark skin pigment called: 

A. granules

B. melanin

C. elongated

D. keratin

The epidermis layer of the skin is also known as the:

A. dermis layer

B. papillary layer

C. cuticle layer

D. subcutaneous layer

The medical branch of science that deals with the study of the skin, its functions and diseases, is:

A. dermatology

B. physiology

C. anatomy

D. histology

The dermis layer is made up of two layers, which are the:

A. papillary and reticular

B. papillary and dermal

C. dermal and tactile

D. tactile and reticular

The outermost and thinnest layer of the skin is the:

A. surface

B. epidermis

C. subcutaneous

D. dermis


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