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Stem Cells & Cell Differentiation Quiz


This type of cell sends messages throughout the body in the form of electrical impulse.

A. nerve cell

B. sperm cell

C. muscle cell

D. skin cell

what is the role of stem cells in the body

A. fight against infection

B. provide specialized roles in the body

C. used for fertility treatment

D. they produce new specialized cells in the body to replace old cells that are used up

Which is true about embryonic stem cells?

A. They no longer divide, their cell type is set and cannot change.

B. They can develop into only one type of cell.

C. They can become any cell type in the body.

D. They are found in adults.

What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells?

A. Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into more cell types than adult stem cells

B. Adult stem cells are pluripotent, just like embryonic stem cells

C. Adult stem cells can differentiate into more cell types than embryonic stem cells

D. Adult stem cells grow bigger than embryonic stem cells

Which best explains why muscle cells are different from blood cells?

A. Muscle cells are produced by the brain, but blood cells are produced by the heart. 

B. Different genes are activated in muscle cells than in blood cells. 

C. Muscles cells experience different environmental influences than blood cells. 

D. A mutation occurs during the development of muscle cells but not in blood cells. 

Which is true about Adult Stem Cells.

A. They no longer do mitosis, their cell type is set and can not change

B. They are limited to the type of  cell they can become.

C. They can become any cell type in the body

D. They are found in embryos

Why might stem cell research lead to a cure for diabetes?

A. Use stem cells to grow pancreas cells that make insulin

B. Use stem cells to make babies that do not have diseases

As cells become more specialized

A. cells have access to more genes

B. some genes are turned off

C. some gene segments get lost

What does “pluripotent” mean?

A. able to divide and make many different types of cells

B. not able to divide

C. can only divide and make one cell type 

D. if it divides, it will make a cancerous tumor

Which type of cell is unspecialized?

A. skin cell

B. stem cell

C. liver cell

D. muscle cell

Stem cells are

A. cells that grow uncontrollably

B. undifferentiated and can be any type of cell

C. never go through cell division

D. only found in embryos

What are some of the disadvantages using stem cells?

A. Risk of rejection

B. Chances of success is quite low

C. Time consuming and expensive

D. All of the above

What process best explains how muscle cells and nerve cells can develop from the same fertilized egg?

A. genetic engineering

B. survival of the fittest

C. differentiation

D. selective breeding


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