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Biodiversity Conservation Quiz


What is a habitat?

A. It’s an artificial area where wildlife lives

B. It’s any natural region where wildlife lives undisturbed

C. It’s a protected region created by people to save wildlife

Animals or plants in danger of becoming extinct in the near future.

A. ecosystem

B. endangered species

C. food chain

Species that are only found in a specific geographic area are _______.
A. Introduced species
B. Local species
C. Endemic 
D. Biodiversity hot spot

What is THE most major cause of extinction today?
A. habitat destruction by humans
B. poaching
C. disease
D. hunting

Biologists put extra effort into protecting these because they have many species living in them.
A. Cities
B. Biodiversity Hotspots
C. Farms
D. Conservation stations

What is poaching?

A. when people hunt wild animals illegally

B. eating wild animals

C. saving wild animals

______ ______ includes thing like minerals, fossil fuels, plants, animals, clean water, and solar energy.
A. Overexpoitation
B. Natural Resources
C. Nonrenewable Resources

Which habitat exhibits the greatest biodiversity?

A. A habitat with 15 different species with about 300 individuals each

B. A habitat with 10 different species with about 75 individuals each

What is the variety of genes present?
A. bidiversity
B. species diversity
C. extinction
D. genetic diversity

What is the variety of ecosystems that are present in the biosphere?

A. species diversity

B. genetic diversity

C. ecosystem diversity

D. biodiversity

The place where both natural vegetation and wildlife both are preserved

A. Wildlife sanctuary

B. National Park

C. Biosphere reserve Park

D. Bird Sanctuary

Extinction rates are significantly __________ in recent decades than before.
A. Lower
B. Higher

Habitats can be preserved by…

A. Reducing recycling

B. Building more roads

C. Reducing pollution, developing conservation parks

D. Introducing invasive species

What is Conservation?

A. Protection of environment from climate change

B. Protection of organisms and environment from harmful affect of humans

C. Destruction of environments from climate change

D. Destruction of organisms and environment from harmful affect of humans

The number of different species and the abundance of each species in a biological community.
A. genetic diversity
B. ecosystem diversity
C. extinction
D. species diversity

All the different types of living things on the planet is called…

A. Biodiversity

B. Biology

C. Ecology

D. Ecodiversity

A large areas where vegetation, wildlife and environment are conserved to preserve the biological diversity

A. Wildlife sanctuary

B. Biosphere Reserve

C. National Park

D. All of the above

the breaking of habitats into smaller pieces is called…

A. habitat division

B. habitat pollution

C. habitat corruption

D. habitat fragmentation

The practice of harvesting or hunting to such a degree that remaining individuals may not be able to replenish the population is called _____.
A. biomagnification
B. overexploitation
C. edge effects
D. natural resource


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