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Heart Vocab and Blood Flow Pathway Quiz


A slow heartbeat is known as ____.

A. Tachycardia

B. Bradycardia

C. Accelerated heartrate

D. Pulse

This chamber is the first one blood travels through after it gets back to the heart FROM the lungs.

A. Left Atrium

B. Left Ventricle

C. Right Atrium

D. Right Ventricle

The blood is ___ as it leaves the heart.

A. Deoxygenated

B. Oxygenated

To get into the left ventricle, the blood needs to flow through the ____.

A. Aortic Valve

B. Tricuspid Valve

C. Bicuspid (Mitral) Valve

D. Pulmonary Valve

Which structures does blood flow first when it comes back to the heart?

A. Inferior/Superior Vena Cava’s

B. Right Ventricle

C. Pulmonary Artery

D. Aorta

Our __ is the largest artery in the body, coming from the left ventricle.

A. Inferior Vena Cava

B. Aorta

C. Superior Vena Cava

D. Coronary Arteries

AFTER passing through the bicuspid valve, the blood is in the ______.

A. Right Ventricle

B. Left Ventricle

C. Left Atrium

D. Right Atrium

What is the first chamber of the heart to receive blood?

A. Right Atrium

B. Left Atrium

C. Left Ventricle

D. Right Ventricle

One of the top chambers of the heart is known as a(n) ___.

A. Ventricle

B. Atrium

Once the blood has traveled through the lungs, what structure takes it back to the heart?

A. Pulmonary Artery

B. Aorta

C. Pulmonary Vein

D. Superior Vena Cava

After the blood passes through the tricuspid valve, what chamber does it enter?

A. Right Ventricle

B. Left Ventricle

C. Right Atrium

D. Left Atrium

The circulation of blood between the heart and lungs is known as ______ circulation.

A. Systemic

B. General

C. Cardiothoracic

D. Cardiopulmonary

What is the first valve that blood flows through?

A. Mitral Valve

B. Aortic Valve

C. Pulmonary Valve

D. Tricuspid Valve

A lifesaving technique that send blood to the brain and organs is called ___.


B. Tracheotomy

C. Rescue breathing

D. Body drag

To get to the aorta from the left ventricle, blood needs to pass through the ____.

A. Bicuspid (Mitral) Valve

B. Aortic Valve

C. Pulmonary Valve

D. Tricuspid Valve

A __ sends electrical current to the heart to get a normal rhythm back.

A. Fibrillator

B. Lightning bolt

C. Defibrillator

D. Heart Attack

A heart arrhythmia is a(n) _____ of a normal heartbeat rhythm.

A. Absence

B. Indication

C. Presence

D. Faster

When the heart stops working as a pump is known as ___ ___.

A. Heart stoppage

B. Cardiac Stops

C. Pumping stops

D. Cardiac Arrest

The valve between the left atrium and left ventricle is known as the _____ valve.

A. Aortic

B. Pulmonary

C. Bicuspid (mitral)

D. Heart

____ means pertaining to the heart.

A. Thoracic

B. Cranial

C. Cardiac

D. Osteopathic


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