Medical Quiz

History of Immunology Quiz


Who discovered antibiotic Penicillin?

A. David Allman

B. Alexander flemming

C. Robert koch

An antibody that attaches to cellular or particulate antigen and prepares for phagocytosis is known as

A. Opsonin

B. Precipitin

C. IgM

Who discovered Cell mediated immunity?

A. Metchnikoff

B. George Nuttal

C. Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer phenomenon

A. 1894

B. 1983

C. 1943

What are Haptens?

A. Antigens

B. Antibodies

C. Carrier Molecules

who was awarded Nobel prize for work on Anaphylaxis?

A. Edward jenner

B. Jules Bordet

C. Charles Richet

protein derived from Mycobacterium?

A. Antibodies

B. Pepsin

C. Tuberculin

Father of Immunology

A. Edward Jenner

B. Louis Pasteur

C. Emil Von Behring

Who discovered Complement system?

A. Bordet

B. Charles Richet

C. Paul Ehrlich

Who discovered Interferon?

A. Isaacs & Lindenmann

B. Karl Landsteiner

C. Murray

Other name of Cow pox virus ?

A. Vaccinia

B. Small pox

C. None of the above

Who discovered attenuated vaccine?

A. Edward jenner

B. Louis Pasteur

C. Almorth

Who disproved Cellular and Humoral Theory ?

A. Almorth Wright

B. Pasteur

C. Robert koch

Who proposed side chain hypothesis?

A. Paul Ehrlich

B. Robert koch

C. Emile. Roux

Who proposed clonal selection theory?

A. Widal

B. Burnet

C. Blobel


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