Medical Quiz

Healthcare Systems and Settings Quiz



A. Doctors who deliver babies.

B. A doctor who specializes in conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails.

C. Doctors who help patients keep their teeth, gums, and mouth healthy.

What is the difference between a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)?

A. MDs have more of a holistic (whole person-mind, body, and spirit) approach than DOs

B. DOs believe in more of a holistic (whole person-mind, body, and spirit) approach

C. There is no difference

Which is less expensive?

A. In-Network

B. Out-of-Network

_______________ is the level of performance expected of healthcare professional in carrying out his or her duties.

A. Scope of Practice

B. Informed Consent

C. Standard of care

This insurance model allows you to see any provider and typically costs a little more. You do not have to get a referral.



When is it acceptable to be dishonest in a professional setting? 

A. When it benefits the employee 

B. When it benefits the client 

C. When it benefits the supervisor 

D. It is never acceptable to be dishonest.

The percentage of costs you pay after your deductible is met. Generally this is a percentage split by you and your insurance provider. 80/20 splits are common

A. deductible

B. premium

C. coinsurance

D. preventative care

This type of insurance pays for people over 65 or with certain disabilities

A. Medicare

B. Medicaid

Medicaid insurance takes care of people….

A. Who are over 65 in nursing homes

B. Who are low-income

The amount paid for insurance is the

A. closing cost

B. premium

C. deductible

D. assessed value

How should employees behave during interactions with clients and co-workers?

A. Professionally

B. Opinionated

C. Judgmentally 

D. Disrespectfully


A. A doctor who performs surgery.

B. A worker who assists trained nurses

C. A doctor who specializes in conditions involving the skin, hair, and nails

You are asked to a task that you feel is unsafe. How will you handle this?

A. Do the task because the nurse delegated to you to do it

B. Report you are not comfortable doing the task but do it anyways

C. Report you are not comfortable doing the task because it is unsafe to the nurse

D. Do the task with the supervision of another CNA

This insurance model requires you to select from a list of “approved providers” before you can see a specialist. You have to get a referral.



C. Point of Service Plans


Lydia works at a medical facility in which all employees are required to wear white shoes.  Lydia does not agree with the rule.  What should Lydia do?

A. Comply with the rule and wear appropriate shoes. 

B. Start a petition

C. Wear shoes of any color she desires

D. Quit her job

Which specialist might treat allergic asthma, food allergies, and autoimmune disorders?

A. Endocrinologist

B. Dermatologist

C. Clinical pathologist

D. Allergist/immunologist

What profession would an athlete go to see if they were recovering after a shoulder surgery?

A. Chiropractors

B. Orthopedic Physician

C. Physical Therapist

D. Athletic Trainer

What is the definition of work ethic?

A. Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities

B. Work ethic is a rules of working designed by the company

C. Work ethic is a set of culture

What specialist treats kidney diseases?

A. Neurologist

B. Neuropathologist

C. Urologist

D. Nephrologist

Healthcare providers should only perform duties that fall within the scope of their practice



A nurse delegates a task to you. You must

A. complete the task

B. decide to accept or refuse the task

C. Delegate the task to another CNA

D. Ignore the request if you do not know what to do

Operates equipment that produce images of tissues and bones within the body

A. CT technician

B. Radiologist

C. Medical Lab Technician

D. Radiology technician

What type of profession deals with daily functional activities such as using proper form when picking up boxes or getting in or out of car?

A. Chiropractor

B. Occupational Therapist

C. Physical Therapist

D. Sports Psychologist

Assist physicians and other laboratory professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids

A. Medical Lab Technologist

B. Microbiologist

C. Radiology Technician

D. Hematologist


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