Medical Quiz

Stimuli and Responses in Humans Quiz


Central nervous system consist of two parts which are …………………………

A. spinal nerve and spinal cord

B. brain and spinal nerve

C. brain and spinal cord

D. lung and alveoli

Which part of the eye function to holds the eye lens in its position?

A. retina

B. iris

C. blind spot

D. suspensory ligament

Which of the following body part is most sensitive to touch?

A. arm

B. sole

C. elbow

D. fingertips

which of the ear part function to detect and convert sound vibration to nerve impulses?

A. eardrum

B. ossicles

C. cochlea

D. ear canal

Name of cells that sensitive to different light intensities

A. Cone cells

B. Rod cells

Small projections located on the tongue’s surface where taste buds are located are known as:

A. papillae

B. gustatory cells

C. olfactory epithelium

D. mucous producing glands

What is the advantage of monocular vision?

A. provide a narrow field of vision

B. able to form three dimensional image

C. field of vision overlap greatly

D. able to detect enemies coming from any direction

which of the following is the causes of long-sightedness?

A. eye ball too long

B. eyeball too short

C. eye lens too thick

D. image formed in front of retina

The older person is weaker their ability of hearing because

A. aging

B. range of hearing become larger

C. ear drum become more elastic

D. ear drum less elastic

The largest sensory organ

A. eye

B. tongue

C. ear

D. skin

E. nose

What is the characteristic of stereoscopic vision?

A. Provide wide field of vision

B. Produce two dimensional images

C. Able to estimate distance accurately

D. both eyes located at the sides of the head

Smell receptors are located at the …… of nasal cavity

A. upper

B. lower

The two lines appear bent even though they are actually straight because …

A. The image formed on the blind spot

B. Brain cannot interpret the image accurately

C. Stimulus cannot be detected by the effector

D. It is not involuntary action

X is an eye defect. X occurs due to too thick eye lens. What is X?

A. Glaucoma

B. astigmatism

C. long-sightedness

D. short-sightedness

Azhar has a cold and unable to taste the food properly. What sense is involved in detecting the taste of food?

A. sense of taste and sense of touch

B. sense of taste and sense of smell

C. sense of touch and sense of sight

D. sense of sight and sense of smell


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