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Chemistry Quiz


cell phones power supply is an invention of which branch of chemistry:

A. physical chemistry

B. biochemistry

C. thermal chemistry

D. electrical chemistry

The compounds and elements that are present at the beginning of a reaction:
A. reactants
B. catalyst
C. products
D. energy 

the solution which has pH less than 7 considered :

A. acid

B. base

C. neutral

D. salt

Nanotechnology allows the manipulation of atoms or molecules to create or modify materials at the nanoscale.

There are _____________ nanometers in a meter.

A. 10 million

B. 1 billion

C. 1000

D. 100

The study of living things; also known as life science

A. endocrinology

B. microbiology

C. biology

D. chemistry

What is nanotechnology?

A. Study and manipulation of technology that is micro sized

B. Study and manipulation of matter that is small but can still be seen by the human eyes

C. Study and manipulation of matter at a scale of 1-100 nano meters

D. Study and manipulation of matter that moves at a speed measured in nano seconds

What is a buckyball?
A. A carbon atom (C60)
B. Nickname for Mercedes-Benz’s futuristic concept car (C111)
C. Plastic explosives nanoparticle (C4)
D. Concrete nanoparticle with a compressive strength of 20 nanonewtons (C20)

Nanotubes are considered as Two-dimensional (2-D) nanomaterials

A. Yes

B. No

An atom…….

A. Is the smallest particle of an element that retains all the properties of that element.

B. Is anything that has mass and takes up space.

C. Has a positive charge

D. Has a negative charge

the correct method for measurement is :

A. choose a suitable tool

B. get numerical value and put a measuring unit

C. adjast the time

D. choose a suitable tool then get numerical value and put a measuring unit

The word “nano” means:
A. one millioneth
B. one billioneth
C. one thousandth
D. one trillioneth

………………….is the science interesting in discovering substances with extra ordinary properties

A. biochemistry

B. physical chemistry

C. thermal chemistry

D. nano chemistry

How wide is a nano-scale particle?

A. 1cm

B. 1-100nm

C. 1mm

D. Very small

one of the earliest applications of chemistry

A. Medicine

B. nanotechnology

C. analysis

D. studying matter

the substance whicch extracted from a natural resources or prepared in lab. is :

A. fertilizer

B. medicine

C. dye

D. chemical compound

an organized structure of knowledge is the definition of :

A. facts and concepts

B. chemistry

C. physics

D. science


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