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Bones, Joints and Muscles Quiz


A place where two bones meet is called a 

A. Hip Bone

B. Synovial Fluid

C. Joint

D. Biceps

Your neck, shoulders, and kneel are part of your trunk.



Which of the following bone are found in your arm?

A. Clavicle

B. Radius

C. Femur

D. Ribs

Joints connect…

A. two or more bones.

B. two or more ligaments.

C. two or more tendons.

D. two or more muscles.

Your bones are join together at your _________?

A. Skeleton

B. Muscles

C. Tendons

D. Joints

Your skeleton is there for support, protection, and movement. But you could not move your bones without the help of your ______________ system.

A. digestive

B. muscular

C. respiratory

D. circulatory

What is another name for your shin bone?

A. fibula

B. tibia

C. thigh bone

D. femur

The muscle that makes up your heart is called the

A. Vein Muscle

B. Smooth Muscle

C. Cardiac Muscle

D. Skeletal Muscle

What is another name for your collar bone?

A. scapula

B. clavicle

C. patella

D. sternum

All the bones together form…

A. the tendons.

B. the joints.

C. the skeleton.

D. the musculoskeletal system.

Which one is a muscle?

A. Shoulder.

B. Femur.

C. Backbone.

D. Calf.

True or False: Inside your body, there are many bones.



Bones are hard and rigid, which means that ________?

A. They can bend or move

B. They cannot bend or move

C. They are elastic

D. They are soft

True or False: muscles and bones work together to move your body.



The muscle of your upper arm is called the

A. Pectorals

B. Abdominals

C. Deltoids

D. Biceps

They help you bend your legs

A. Shoulders and neck

B. Elbows and wrists

C. Knee and ankles

D. Hips and shoulders

Which of the following tissue connects bone to bone?

A. Ligament

B. Tendon

C. Cartilage

D. Joint capsule

Choose the correct stament

A. Bones are hard and rigid.

B. Bones are flexible and hard.

C. Bones are flexible and soft.

D. Bones are hard and soft.

True or False: you have joints in different parts of your body.



_________ help you bend or move your body.

A. Skeleton

B. Joints

C. Ribs

D. Muscles

All your bones form or make up your _________?

A. Ribs

B. Tendons

C. Skeleton

D. Joints

The muscle that covers the back of the neck and upper and middle region of the back is the?

A. corrugator muscle

B. pectoralis minor

C. latissimus dorsi

D. trapezius

True or False: your bones DO NOT support and protect your body



They help you bend your arms

A. Shoulders and neck

B. Elbows and wrists

C. Knee and ankles

D. Hips and shoulders

The cover your skeleton

A. Bones

B. Muscles

C. Tendons

D. Joints


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