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Differentiation and Division of Human Cells Quiz


Somatic cells include every type of cell except?

A. Brain

B. Reproductive

C. Skin

D. Immune

Embryonic cells are pluripotent.



Division by meiosis creates what?

A. haploid gametes

B. chromosic gametes

C. halfloid gametes

D. hasloid gametes

What is a mass of abnormal cells called?

A. A cellular infection

B. A rash

C. A boil

D. A tumor

What is the controversy surrounding stem cell medicines?

A. Lab testing of human body parts

B. The destruction of stem cells

C. allergic reactions

D. expensive research

Blood stem cells can not turn into…

A. platelets

B. phagocytes

C. pagicytes

D. lymphocytes

How can a somatic diploid split its cytoplasm into two?

A. mioisis

B. meitosis

C. mitosis

D. meiosis

In which category does skin regeneration go into?

A. Therapeutic

B. Research

How many pairs of chromosome does a germline cell have?

A. 23

B. 24

C. 25

D. 22

Cells are not the lowest of organization which can exist in the human body.




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