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Receptors Quiz


What type of stimulus does taste detect

A. light

B. vibration

C. chemical

D. pressure

Mark dropped a ruler and Tim caught it with his eyes closed. This experiment tested Tim’s reaction time to:

A. Sight

B. Sound

C. Taste

D. Smell

The sense of touch detects ________________ stimuli.

A. electromagnetic

B. chemical

C. mechanical

D. pH

The sense of hearing detects ________________ stimuli.

A. electromagnetic

B. thermal

C. mechanical

D. chemical

Taste and smell are similar because:

A. They are both located on the face

B. They both detect chemicals

C. They both require conscious effort to detect

D. They both bypass the brain

Which properties of nerve cells are most important for their ability to carry out their task in helping animals deal with sensory input?

A. Nerve cells are sometimes packed closely together and sometimes widely spaced.

B. Nerve cells can carry signals and connect all parts of the body to the brain.

C. Nerve cells can be damaged by a serious injury or by disease.

D. Nerve cells grow and reproduce like other cells of the body.

Anything that causes you to react is called

A. sound

B. response

C. stimulus

D. memory

The sense of taste detects ________________ stimuli.

A. chemical

B. mechanical

C. electromagnetic

D. thermal

What type of stimuli does smell detect

A. light

B. vibration

C. pressure

D. chemical

Why might you feel something touching you on your head quicker than on your foot.

A. The message from the head travels farther to the brain

B. the message from the foot travels farther to the brain

C. The head is less sensitive than the foot

D. The foot doesn’t send messages to the brain

A receptor that detects light and darkness it’s called…

A. Photoreceptor

B. Mechanoreceptor

C. Chemoreceptor

D. brightnessreceptor

The sense of smell detects ________________ stimuli.

A. chemical

B. thermal

C. mechanical

D. electromagnetic

You feel a mosquito biting your arm. This is because you have ………………….. in your skin.

A. Lateral lines

B. Photoreceptors

C. Mechanoreceptors

D. Electroreptors

Which two senses are directly connected?

A. Sight and touch

B. Taste and smell

C. Smell and sight

D. Hearing and taste

Taste receptors in the gustatory system are…

A. Chemoreceptors

B. Mechanoreceptors

C. Electroreceptors

D. Photoreceptors

The sense of sight detects ________________ stimuli.

A. electromagnetic

B. chemical

C. mechanical

D. temperature

“They are cells specialized in picking up stimulus, whether they are internal or external, and send them to the brain through the nervous system”. This is the definition of…

A. Stimulus

B. Receptor

C. Sense

D. Taste

Which sense detects pressure and heat

A. sight

B. hearing

C. taste

D. touch


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