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Nutrition - Digestive System Quiz


choose the correct sequence of passage of food through our digestive system

A. mouth – stomach – large intestine – small intestine

B. mouth – oesophagus – stomach – small intestine – large intestine

C. mouth – oesophagus – stomach – pancreas – small intestine – large intestine

D. mouth – stomach – pancreas – large intestine

Marasmus is a disease caused due to the deficiency of

A. Vitamin C

B. proteins

C. carbohydrates

D. both proteins and carbohydrates

What are proteins made of?

A. glucose

B. fatty acids

C. glycerol

D. amino acids

Where is bile stored?

A. liver

B. bile duct

C. gall bladder

D. pancreas

The alimentary canal is a single long tube

A. that starts with the stomach and ends with the anus

B. that is also called the oesophagus

C. that starts with the mouth and ends with the anus

D. that starts with the mouth and ends with the rectum

What does the liver do to help in digestion?

A. helps to neutralize the stomach acid

B. produces enzymes

C. produces bile

D. kill germs in food

What is the function of carbohydrates?

A. builds muscles in our body

B. stored energy

C. makes our bones strong

D. gives energy for metabolic activities

Where do most of the digestion take place?

A. stomach

B. large intestine

C. mouth

D. small intestine

Iron is essential for our body because

A. it is used in the production of hemoglobin

B. it is used in bone formation

C. it gives us energy

D. it helps in muscle building

The food passes through the digestive system by

A. the action of villi

B. peristalsis

C. gulping

The entire function of the digestive system can be summarised as

A. ingestion – digestion – absorption – excretion

B. digestion – ingestion – absorption – egestion

C. ingestion – digestion – absorption – excretion

D. ingestion – absorption – egestion

Pancreas produces

A. carbohydrase

B. lipase

C. protease

D. all of the above enzymes

Which of these is not a gland?

A. pancreas

B. stomach

C. liver

D. oesophagus

Which of these helps maintain a healthy intestine?

A. fibre

B. starch

C. fats

D. iron


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