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What is cohesion?

A. when water sticks to itself

B. when water sticks to other things

C. when water sinks in the ocean

D. a deep ocean current driven by heat

What causes surface tension?

A. high amounts of dissolved oxygen

B. polarity of water molecules

C. eutrophication

D. water being a neutral molecule

What is an undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced at a divergent plate boundary?

A. trench

B. abyssal plain

C. volcano

D. mid-ocean ridge

What does microbiology mean?

A. Study of microscopic organisms

B. Study of pathogens

C. Study of all life

D. Study of ecosystems

What is adhesion?

A. when water sticks to other things

B. when water sticks to itself

C. a deep ocean current driven by heat

D. when water evaporates

Non-Renewable resources are also known as what?

A. natural resources

B. fossil fuels

C. extinctual power

D. solar powered

What defines a prokaryotic cell?

A. multicellular, nucleus

B. multicellular, no nucleus

C. unicellular, nucleus

D. unicellular, no nucleus

Nonrenewable resources being used at a ________ rate than they are being formed?

A. faster

B. slower

What are the percentages of fresh and saltwater on Earth?

A. 50% fresh, 50% salt

B. 3% salt, 97% fresh

C. 70% salt, 30% fresh

D. 97% salt, 3% fresh

What does the Coriolis Effect cause ocean currents to do?

A. It causes upwellings

B. It brings warm water to the deep ocean

C. It causes ocean current paths to curve

D. It helps water polarity levels

Of the four pathogens we studied, which is the only one that is nonliving?

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. fungi

D. parasite

Fossil fuels are considered nonrenewable resources because of _______ .

A. their easy access

B. inexpensiveness

C. combustion

D. how long they take to form

If a lake has excess levels of phosphates and nitrates in its water, what will most likely result?

A. There will be an excess of fish

B. The water level will lower

C. The temperature will increase

D. The growth of algae in the lake will increase. 

How can our amount of freshwater be depleted?

A. increased demands for water on account of population shifts

B. water moving to different parts of the water cycle

C. evaporation

D. precipitation returning to ground water

What is the largest level of disease?

A. epidemic

B. cluster

C. endemic

D. pandemic

How do bacteria reproduce?

A. Binary fission

B. Binary fusion

How can upwellings improve fishing for ocean fishermen?

A. They bring nutrients from the cold, deep ocean waters

B. They provide ocean currents that travel to the equator

C. They cause cold water to sink

D. They are known to be good luck

Why are estuaries important?

A. They hold all of the drinkable water for a geographic area

B. Most fish complete at least a part of their life cycle here

C. They are rare

D. They are only important in equatorial regions.

What is the energy we get from earth’s interior heat?

A. Geothermal

B. Solar

C. Hydroelectric

D. Interior Conduit

Which is an example of an endemic disease?

A. influenza

B. cancer

C. smallpox

D. chickenpox

What kind of cell is bacteria?

A. prokaryotic

B. eukaryotic

C. akaryotic

D. bekaryotic

Sunlight is considered to be a renewable resource because……

A. sunlight is everywhere

B. photosynthesis is a necessity

C. it is available for billions of years

D. we can convert it to electrical energy

What is permeability?

A. the inability of a rock or sediment to let fluids pass through

B. the ability to float

C. the ability of a rock or sediment to let fluids pass through its open spaces, or pores.

D. the inability to float

What best explains why all of the Earth’s freshwater is not available for human use?

A. it is in groundwater

B. it is water vapor

C. it is frozen

D. it is all available for human use

What does equatorial mean?

A. near the equator

B. far from the equator

C. mid-ocean zone

D. balanced pH


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