Medical Quiz

Nursing Vocabulary Quiz


If I have hypertension, I have this..

A. high cholesterol

B. high blood pressure

C. low blood pressure

D. itchy skin

If a patient has an illness that will last until they pass away, the condition is known as this…

A. acute

B. long lasting

C. short term

D. chronic

A CHRONIC condition is one that lasts

A. for a short time.

B. until next year

C. a lifetime

D. for 2 weeks

My extremities are my

A. eyes

B. toes

C. legs and arms

D. ears and nose

Phlebotomy is

A. Taking out stitches

B. Drawing blood from a vein

C. Doing surgery on someone

D. Poking someone in the eye with a needle

This is what a surgeon makes during surgery

A. a laceration

B. a scrape

C. an abrasion

D. an incision

When I scrape my knee during a fall, I have this

A. an incision

B. an abrasion

C. a cut

D. a laceration

Drawing blood from the vein is known as

A. phlebotomy

B. anemia

C. bleeding

D. hypertension

The medical word for a heart attack is

A. Myocardial Infarction

B. Erythrocyte

C. Pericarditis

D. Conjunctivitis

A Myocardial Infarction is a

A. brain bleed

B. stroke

C. broken arm

D. heart attack

If someone is feeling FATIGUE, they are what?

A. extremely frustrated

B. extremely sad

C. extremely tired

D. extremely sweaty

A sickness that only lasts for a short time is known as

A. quick

B. acute

C. chronic

D. not too bad

When the surgeon makes an incision in my leg he does this

A. makes a cut with a scalpel

B. puts medicine on my leg

C. puts stitches in my leg

D. puts a brace on my leg

Another word for exhaustion is

A. sleepy

B. tired

C. fatigue

D. hypertension

If I have Covid-19, which is a short term illness, my condition is known as

A. long term

B. chronic

C. acute

D. really bad

When someone has swelling in their leg, they have

A. anemia

B. high blood pressure

C. low blood sugar

D. edema

Edema is the medical term for

A. swelling

B. sweating

C. vomiting

D. spitting

An example of an abrasion is

A. When the surgeon makes a cut in my knee

B. When I have stitches in a wound

C. When a nurse draws my blood

D. When I fall on pavement and scrape my hands

In the medical field, your arms and legs are referred to as this

A. appendages

B. phalanges

C. extremities

D. metacarpals

The medical word for high blood pressure is

A. Hypertension

B. Hypercapnea

C. Hyperbolic

D. Hyperthyroidism


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