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Plant Biotechnology Quiz


What would increase the money made by farmers in North Carolina through biotechnology?

A. Tomatoes that are different in color.

B. Tomatoes that are smaller.

C. Tomatoes that taste the same.

D. Tomatoes that are resistant to disease.

How can agricultural biotechnology have a positive impact on the environment?

A. By developing crops that are pest resistant requiring fewer pesticides to be used.

B. planting crops in shaded areas.

C. Harvesting crops that have thick stems and leaves.

D. water crops with a recycled irrigation system.

Which is most important when investigating ethical issues in biotechnology?

A. cost of the technology

B. advantage of the technology

C. public opinion of the technology

D. benefits of the technology outweighing the harm

What are some examples of biotechnology being used in agriculture?

A. Crop irrigation

B. DNA fingerprinting

C. Gentically modified crops

D. Crop rotation

Which area of biotechnology is most likely to create ethical problems?

A. insulin production by bacteria

B. organ cloning

C. genetic engineering to increase crop yields

D. forensic testing of crime scene evidence

Tomatoes are genetically modified to have a longer shelf-life. Which best describes a concern people have with eating GM tomatoes?

A. GM tomatoes do not taste as good as organic

B. GM tomatoes are more expensive

C. the DNA used to modify the tomatoes could change the DNA of the person eating the tomato

D. GM tomatoes ripen and rot more quickly

What would be a positive reason to genetically alter Fraser Fir trees in North Carolina to make them more resistant to rot?

A. By producing crops that are frost resistant

B. By making robots to replace large farm machines

C. The population of fir trees would increase and grow healthier.

D. By increasing the use of wind farms that produce electricity

Which suspect was most likely present at the crime scene?

A. Suspect 1

B. Suspect 2

C. Suspect 3

D. None of them match

True or False: There are bacteria that can clean up oil spills.



Which is a concern of scientists when genetically modifying plants?

A. Plants will pass on diseases to animals.

B. There will be a decrease in biodiversity.

C. Plants will have a longer growing season.

D. There will be a decrease in revenue for pesticide manufacturers.

Personal medical records become more available and more detailed because of biotechnological research. Based on this information, which is a major concern to the public?

A. transmission of more diseases

B. an increase in under qualified doctors

C. inappropriate use of medical information

D. overdiagnosis of certain medical conditions

A company that creates hair dye would most likely employ a bio-technician for which job?

A. researching trends

B. developing new colors

C. creating cost effective packaging

D. developing a product that will be safe for consumers

What is the most useful change biotechnology has made in agriculture?

A. Crops need more water

B. Crops need more nutrients

C. Crops need more time to grow

D. Crops resist more diseases

In what way is biotechnology useful to law enforcement agencies such as the police or FBI?

A. It can help identify who was present at the scene of a crime.

B. It can help undercover officers disguise themselves.

C. It might help determine who might be the victime of a future crime.

D. It can help determine who is most likely to become a criminal in the future.

Residents of North Carolina presently burn 5 billion gallons of imported petroleum-based liquid fuel per year. How would the state’s economy be affected if North Carolina could produce bio-fuels locally as a replacement?

A. Tax revenues would decrease.

B. Unemployment would increase.

C. The economy would decline due to exports.

D. The economy would improve with new jobs and tax revenue.

What would be a negative side of genetically modified foods?

A. Lower cost of production.

B. Long-term health effects, such as possible allergies to proteins not found in foods before GMO’s.

C. Ability to produce more food in less time.

D. Ability to grow more nutritious food in less time.

Which are most closely related to biotechnology?

A. medicine and agriculture

B. construction and engineering

C. water treatment and electricity generation

D. communication and information technology


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