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Regulating the Cell Cycle Quiz


A diagnostic procedure that involves removing a tissue sample from a patient.

A. biopsy

B. lipotripsy

C. pathogenesis

D. oncology

Mass of rapidly dividing cells that can damage surrounding tissue.

A. growth factor

B. human growth hormone

C. cancer

D. tumor

Non-cancerous tumors are called _____. Cancerous tumors are called _____.

A. metastatic ; malignant

B. malignant ; benign

C. benign ; malignant

D. benign ; metastatic

Apoptosis is…….

A. programed cell death

B. a phase of mitosis

C. a type of cancer

D. a carcinogen

The spreading of cancerous cells is called

A. metastasis

B. carcinogenesis

C. angiogenesis

D. homeostasis

What are internal and external regulators?

A. lipids

B. carbohydrates

C. proteins

Cyclin is a family of proteins that regulates what?

A. Mitosis

B. Meiosis

C. Cell Cycle

D. Interphase

What is a checkpoint in the cell cycle?

A. A check to see if the cell is ready to move on

B. A check to slow mitosis down

C. A check to see if the cell is performing mitosis or meiosis

D. A check to make sure the cell doesn’t die

Which type of cancer treatment works best for when cancer has metastasized around the body?

A. Chemotherapy

B. Radiation Treatments

C. Hormones Treatments

D. Surgery

Which type of tumor causes more damage?

A. malignant

B. benign

C. premalignant

Cancer creates abnormal cells by disrupting….

A. the cell cycle

B. red blood cell formation

C. DNA replication

D. ATP synthesis

Which of the following is a type of protein that regulates the cell cycle? 

A. actin 

B. myosin 

C. cyclin 

D. pepsin 

Which is a function of cyclins?

A. Cyclins are carbohydrates that regulate DNA replication during the mitosis phase of the cell cycle.

B. Cyclins are glycoproteins that repair DNA in the beginning of cell cycle.

C. Cyclins are proteins that regulate when and how often a cell divides.

Proteins that direct cells to speed up or slow down the cell cycle.

A. growth factor

B. human growth hormone

C. cancer

D. tumor

Apoptosis is

A. the process of programmed cell death

B. the process of programmed cell growth

C. the process of programmed cell birth

D. the process of programmed cell regulation

A disorder in which some of the body’s cells lose the ability to control growth.

A. growth factor

B. human growth hormone

C. cancer

D. tumor

Cancer promoting substances are called:

A. Tumors

B. Carcinogens

C. Cyclins

D. Malignant


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