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Life Processes - Digestion and Respiration Quiz


Teeth are covered with a thin coating of

A. Dentine

B. Crown

C. Enamel

D. Cementum

Digestion of starch starts from:

A. Stomach

B. Intestine

C. Oesophagus

D. Mouth

What is the mode of nutrition in fungi?

A. Autotrophic

B. Heterotrophic

C. Saprophytic

D. Parasitic

Digestion starts from

A. Stomach

B. Small intestine

C. Oesophagus

D. Buccal cavity

Which is the correct sequence of body parts in the human alimentary canal?

A. Mouth → stomach → small intestine → large intestine → oesophagus

B. Mouth → oesophagus → stomach → small intestine → large intestine

C. Mouth → stomach → oesophagus → smallintestine → large intestine

D. Mouth → oesophagus → stomach → large intestine → small intestine

Villi present on the internal wall of intestine help in the

A. emulsification of fats

B. breakdown of proteins

C. absorption of digested food

D. digestion of carbohydrates

Hydrochloric acid is secreted by

A. Pancreas

B. Small intestine

C. Liver

D. Gastric glands of the stomach

A plant absorbs minerals from the soil

A. Circulation

B. Digestion

C. Growth

D. Nutrition

Which describes the life process regulation?

A. Breaking down food into molecules usable by cells

B. Taking in food

C. Responding to changes in the internal or external environment

D. Taking in or releasing oxygen or carbon dioxide

From which structure, the free oxygen gas produced during photosynthesis is released?

A. Epidermis

B. Stomata

C. Cortex

D. Guard cell

What is the final product of photosynthesis?

A. Protein

B. Fat

C. Starch

D. Mineral salt

pancreas pour secretions into

A. oesophagus

B. stomach

C. large intestine

D. duodenum

The process of transpiration in plants helps in:

A. Opening of stomata

B. Absorption of CO2 from atmosphere

C. Upward conduction of water and minerals

D. Absorption of O2 from atmosphere

Which of the following events in the mouth cavity will be affected if salivary amylase is lacking in the saliva?

A. Starch breaking down into sugars.

B. Proteins breaking down into amino acids.

C. Absorption of vitamins.

D. Fats breaking down into fatty acids and glycerol.

All producers show

A. heterotrophic nutrition

B. autotrophic nutrition

C. holozoic nutrition

D. both A and B

Osmosis takes place when __________.

A. Glucose is broken down to release energy

B. The cell gets rid of waste products

C. Only when equilibrium is possible

D. Water moves in or out through the cell membrane

What is the basic unit of structure and function in a living thing? 

A. a cell 

B. a tissue 

C. an organ 

D. an organ system 

The digestive juice not produced by stomach contains

A. Hydrochloric acid

B. Pepsin

C. Mucus

D. Trypsin

the correct order of steps in nutrition in human beings is

A. ingestion – digestion – assimilation – absorption – egestion

B. ingestion – digestion – absorption – assimilation – egestion

C. ingestion – absorption – digestion – egestion – assimilation

D. ingestion – assimilation – absorption – digestion – egeston

Which side of the membrane has a low concentration of molecules?

A. Right

B. Left


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