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Urinary System Medical Terms Quiz


the medical term for a new opening for the ureter is:

A. apendecotmy

B. ileostomy

C. colostomy

D. ureterostomy

the medical term to crush a stone, or calculus is:

A. ketonuria

B. polyuria

C. cystitis

D. lithotripsy

inflammation of the renal glomeruli is also known as

A. glomerulonephritis

B. cystitis

C. urinary tract infection

D. swelling

The suffix -uria stands for

A. pertaining to

B. urination

C. inflammation

D. nose bleed

Study of the kidney

A. nephrologist

B. biology

C. urologist

D. nephrology

When doctors find bacteria in your urine they’ll diagnose you with:

A. bacteriuria

B. pyuria

C. glycosuria

D. polyuria

A specialist of the urinary system is known as a/an

A. nephrologist

B. cardiologist

C. dermatologist

D. urologist

Ketones in the urine

A. ketonuria

B. nocturia

C. dysuria

D. bacteriuria

The medical term for complete separation of blood

A. transfusion

B. urologist

C. hemodialysis

D. rhinoplasty

A lot of (many, much) urine is known as

A. dysuria

B. polyuria

C. ketonuria

D. pyuria

What is the medical term for the surgical removal of the urinary bladder

A. lobectomy

B. cystectomy

C. appendectomy

D. oophectomy


A. surgical repair of the ureter

B. surgical repair of the nose

C. inflammation of the ureter

D. specialist in the urinary tract

urination at night is known as

A. nocturia

B. dysuria

C. ketonuria

D. polyuria

excessive calcium in the urine is called by this medical term

A. hypercalciuria

B. ketonuria

C. dysuria

D. polyuria

The medical term for blood in the urine is:

A. nocturia

B. hematuria

C. pyuria

D. hypercalciuria

the medical term for inflammation of the urinary bladder is:

A. cystitis

B. arthritis

C. apendicitis

D. endocarditis


A. excessive calcium in the urine

B. urination at night

C. Painful/difficult urination

D. pus in the urine

pus in the urine, usually from an infection is referred to by this medical term

A. nocturia

B. dysuria

C. pyuria

D. polyuria

This term means kidney disease

A. diabetes

B. cystitis

C. bacteriuria

D. nephropathy

sugar or glucose in the urine can indicate diabetes. it’s known as this medical term

A. pyuria

B. glycosuria

C. ketonuria

D. hypercalciuria


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