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Cell and Tissue Quiz


Which structures are found in plant cells, but not in animal cells?

A. Cell membranes and mitochondria

B. Vacuoles and cholorplasts

C. Cell walls and cytoplasm

D. Chloroplasts and cell walls

Select the incorrect sentence.

(a) Blood has matrix containing proteins, salts and hormones.
(b) Two bones are connected with ligament.
(c) Tendons are non-fibrous tissue and fragile.
(d) Cartilage is a form of connective tissue.

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

E. All are incorrect

protective barrier

A. Epithelial tissue

B. Muscle Tissue

C. Nerve Tissue

Cell is the structural and functional unit of life. The word cell is derived from the Latin word ‘cellula’ which means “a little room”. Can you name the scientist who coined the term cell?

A. Robert Hooke

B. Anton Von Leeuwenhoek

C. Robert Brown

D. Ernst Haeckel

Which muscles act involuntarily?
(i) Striated muscles
(ii) Smooth muscles
(iii) Cardiac muscles
(iv) Skeletal muslces

A. (i) and (ii)

B. (ii) and (iii)

C. (iii) and (iv)

D. all are correct

Guard cells and stoma are found in which part of the plant?

A. Parenchyma

B. Collenchyma

C. Sclerenchyma

D. Epidermis

work together to support a particular area of life

A. Organ Systems

B. Cellular Systems

C. Organ Functions

D. Cellular Systems

What do prokaryotic cells lack?

A. Cell membrane

B. Cytoplasm

C. Cell wall

D. Membrane bound nucleus

Phloem and Xylem are:

A. Simple permanent tissue

B. Complex permanent tissue

C. Vascular tissue

D. Complex and Vascular

The role of these specialized cells is to help fight off infection and foreign bodies.

A. Palisade Cells

B. Nerve Cells

C. White Blood Cells

D. Red Blood Cells

The proteins and lipids, essential for building the cell membrane, are manufactured by:

A. Endoplasmic reticulum

B. Golgi apparatus

C. Mitochondria

D. Ribosomes

Which is the main constituent of cell wall?

A. Cellulose

B. Pectin

C. Starch

D. Proteins

What is an example of connective tissue?

A. Bones

B. Muscle

C. Neuroglia

D. Stomach lining

What is the function of the structures shown on these two cells?

A. reproduction

B. grasping food

C. motility

D. attachment to a surface or another cell.

a grouping of two or more types of tissue that performs a specific function that contributes to the larger purpose

A. Organ

B. Organ System

C. Organelle

D. Organ in an attic that is super sweet

This type of cell carries oxygen throughout the body.

A. gamete

B. platelet

C. white blood cell

D. red blood cell

What is the function of the cell membrane, in ALL living organisms?

A. Provides support and structure in the cell.

B. Synthesizes protein for ATP for the cell.

C. Storage of raw materials (food) and ATP for the cell. 

D. Regulates the transport of materials into and out of the cell. 

Plastid that is colourless is-

A. Chromoplast

B. Leucoplast

C. Chloroplast

D. Lysosome

What cells carry electrical signals?

A. Red Blood Cells

B. Palisade Cells

C. Sperm cells

D. Nerve Cells

What type of muscle tissue is VOLUNTARILY controlled

A. Skeletal Only

B. Skeletal and Cardiac

C. Smooth and Cardiac

D. Cardiac Only

Which structure is found only in eukaryotic cells?


B. Phospholipid membrane

C. Nuclear membrane

D. Cytoplasm


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