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Antimicrobial Pharmacology Quiz


A patient comes into the clinic for flu-like symptoms and is later diagnosed with Influenza. The nurse knows Oseltamivir may work for this patient if they know:

A. When the symptoms started.

B. Their past reactions to the medication.

C. The severity of their symptoms.

D. If other people in their family are ill.

The patient taking Piperacillin gets their 0600 labs back. Their labs are: Hgb 12.2, Hct 36%, BUN 55, Cr 1.5, GFR 90, AST 20, ALT 30. The nurse should call the physician regarding:

A. Decreasing the medication due to AST/ALT levels.

B. Increasing the medication due to BUN/Cr levels.

C. Increasing the medication due to Hgb levels.

D. Decreasing the medication due to BUN/Cr levels.

What needs to be done with Amphotericin B to reduce effects of nephrotoxicity?

A. Infuse with 500mL NS.

B. Infuse with 1L NS.

C. Monitor GFR levels.

D. Draw peaks and troughs.

A physician plans to prescribe ampicillin to a patient. When asking about their allergies, what would make the physician still prescribe the medication?

A. The patient states the last time they took the medication they found it hard to breathe.

B. The patient states that last time they took the medication their HR was in the 130s.

C. The patient states that last time they took the medication they had anxiety.

D. The patient states that last time they took the medication they experienced urticaria with itching.

Which type of antibiotic is best for immunocompromised?

A. Bacteriostatic

B. Bactericidal

The new grad RN is hanging a new bag of Ceftriaxone. The preceptor intervenes when they hang the secondary line with:

A. 0.9% Normal Saline

B. 5% Dextrose

C. Lactated Ringers

D. 0.45% Normal Saline

A new grad RN is programming Vancomycin into the Alaris pump. The preceptor knows they are programming correctly when they set the infusion to:

A. Infuse over 30 minutes.

B. Infuse over 2 hours.

C. Infuse over 1 hour.

D. Infuse over 20 minutes.

A patient taking Azithromycin is going through medication reconciliation with the nurse. The nurse would expect to report what medication to the HCP?

A. Metoprolol

B. Pantoprazole

C. Warfarin

D. Enoxaparin

A patient taking Vancomycin gets their 0600 lab results back. Which lab result would need to be reported to the provider?

A. Hgb 10.2

B. Hct 40%

C. PTT 60 seconds

D. Platelets 90,000

A patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is being treated for a bacterial pneumonia. The nurse expects this patient to be prescribed:

A. Demeclocycline

B. Azithromycin

C. Tobramycin

D. Clarithromycin

The nurse is preparing to draw a peak for a patient prescribed Streptomycin IV. The nurse will plan to draw this:

A. 30 minutes before the next bag is hung.

B. 60 minutes after the drug is administered.

C. 30 minutes after the drug is administered.

D. Immediately before the next bag is hung.

A patient taking Ciprofloxacin calls the clinic complaining of new onset pain in her right ankle. The nurse anticipates the physician to tell the patient:

A. “This is a normal finding. Continue to take medication as prescribed.”

B. “Decrease the dose to prevent the pain.”

C. “You will need to increase the dose to allow your body to get used to this medication.”

D. “You will need to stop the medication.”

The medication ciprofloxacin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.



The medication Gentamicin is eliminated by:

A. Kidneys

B. Liver

C. Both


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