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Cell Division Quiz


During which stage of the cell cycle does the cell spend a majority of its time?

A. Prophase

B. Interphase

C. Metaphase

D. Cytokinesis

Which is Metaphase?

A. A

B. E

C. C

D. F

Meiosis makes sperm and egg cells. In humans, sperm and egg cells each have _____ chromosomes. Therefore a fertilized human egg cell (sperm and egg cell combined) would create a cell with _____ chromosomes.

A. 23, 46

B. 46, 23

C. 2, 4

D. 50, 100

The structure of coiled DNA and proteins that forms in the cells nucleus prior to mitosis is 

A. centromere

B. centriole

C. chromosome

D. chromatid

Identify the phase of mitosis

A. prophase

B. metaphase

C. anaphase

D. telophase

Put the stages of mitosis in the correct order.

A. prophase – metaphase – anaphase – telophase

B. metaphase – anaphase – prophase – telophase

C. anaphase – prophase – telophase – metaphase

D. telophase – metaphase – prophase – anaphase

Which process and type of resulting cells are represented?

A. mitosis, gametes

B. mitosis, body cells

C. meiosis, gametes

D. meiosis, body cells

The chromosomes that pair up during meiosis, are called __________ chromosomes.  

A. homozygous 

B. asexual

C. homologous

D. genes

Meiosis results in

A. two unique daughter cells

B. four identical daughter cells

C. two identical daughter cells

D. four unique daughter cells

How does cytokinesis differ in plant and animal cells?

A. Cytokinesis only takes place in animal cells.

B. Cytokinesis only takes place in plant cells.

C. Plant cells form a cell plate, animal cells form a cleavage furrow.

D. Animal cells form a cell plate, plant cells form a cleavage furrow.

What is another reason we need meiosis?

A. So the offspring has genes from both parents

B. So the offspring has genes from one parent

C. So the offspring has genes from neither parents

D. So the offspring makes its own genes

Which of the following describes the purpose of the mitosis cell cycle?

A. To make more of the same cells.

B. For growth and repair.

C. To prevent the cell from becoming too large.

D. All of the above.

Before cell reproduction takes place, what is the correct sequence of events that must occur?

A. chromosome replication, chromosome checking and repair, growth

B. growth of cytoplasm, duplication of cellular organelles, chromosome replication

C. replication of chromosomes, growth, duplication of cellular contents and organelles

D. growth and duplication of cell organelles, chromosome replication, repair of chromosomal errors

Crossing over helps promote 

A. male genotype

B. genetic variation

C. DNA replication

D. mitosis

The cells produced via meiosis are called:

A. sex cells

B. somatic cells

C. body cells

D. skin cells

What type of cells have not begun to differentiate into specialized cells?

A. gametes

B. stem cells

C. somatic cells

D. neurons

Which phase comes NEXT?

A. prophase

B. metaphase

C. anaphase

D. telophase


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