Medical Quiz

Vision & Hearing Quiz


__________ is a sign that noise is too loud for that individual

A. ringing in ears

B. water in your ears

C. earplugs in your ears

Loud noises have a _________ number of decibels

A. higher

B. lower

Sound vibrates against which part of the ear?

A. inner ear

B. outer ear

C. eardrum

The part of your eye that dilates or contracts to control the amount of light let in is your

A. lens

B. pupil

C. iris

D. cornea

The colored part of your eye is your

A. lens

B. pupil

C. iris

D. cornea

Sounds that cause harm/loss to one’s hearing is

A. noise trash

B. noise solution

C. noise pollution

D. noise fog

Which vitamin helps with the health of your eyes?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

Sound waves in the air are “caught” by the ____________

A. inner ear

B. outer ear

C. eardrum

Noise is measured by

A. volts

B. lumens

C. amps

D. decibels

______ of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight

A. 70%

B. 75%

C. 80%

D. 85%

85 decibels and above is where hearing loss can begin. Which common noisy activity is commonly at 85 decibels?

A. Rock concert

B. School bus and school recess

C. Firearms

D. Lawn mower

Damage can be done to the inner ear, even if you don’t feel any pain.



Where should light come to protect your eyes when reading?

A. directly above you

B. beside you

C. behind you

D. underneath you

At least how far away should you sit from a computer?

A. 1/2 foot

B. 1 foot

C. 2 feet

D. 6 feet

____decibels and above leads to loss of hearing

A. 75

B. 85

C. 95

D. 105

If you get something in your eye, what should you do first to get it out?

A. rub your eye

B. stick your finger in your eye and pull it out

C. blink repeatedly

D. wash eye out with water

It is safe to share eye make-up



Which vegetable is high in Vitamin A?

A. cauliflower

B. carrots

C. brussel sprouts

D. radish

Which female sport requires goggles for safety?

A. softball

B. tennis

C. lacrosse

D. basketball


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