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Vitamins and Minerals Quiz


When our body has an absence of regular, balanced supply of the diverse nutrients needed this is called

A. Deficit

B. Malnutrition

C. Defciency

D. Hunger

To avoid malnutrition our diet should I eat

A. Fruits

B. Dal and nuts

C. Whole grains

D. All the above

Deficiency of vitamin B3 causes—– disease

A. Haemolysis

B. Osteomalacia

C. Pellagra

D. Sore Eyes

This vitamin helps us to have strong immunity.

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin E

This vitamin helps us for having a good eyesight.

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin E

D. Potassium

This lists shows how many servings are in the package.

A. nutrition facts

B. name and description of the food

C. percent daily value

D. serving size

How many calories are in vitamins and minerals?

A. 2

B. 0

C. 1

D. 3

An example of where you can get vitamin C is from:

A. Legumes

B. Citrus fruits

C. Dark green vegetables

D. Red meat

Which nutrient found in fruits would a doctor most likely recommend to help boost the immune system?

A. Iron

B. Calcium

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin K

Vitamin B1 is also called as

A. Thiamine

B. Riboflavin

C. Niacin

D. Biotin

Balance diet is important because

A. Organs and tissues need proper nutrition

B. Body should be free from diseases

C. Body should be able to put on weight

D. All the above

RDA is

A. Recommended dietary allowances

B. Required dietary allowance

C. Reserved dietary allowance

D. Restricted dietary allowance

Delay of blood coagulation or anticoagulation vitamin

A. A

B. D

C. K

D. E

Vitamin D’s function is:

A. Prevents Rickets, helps bones and teeth

B. Hair, skin, prevents night blindness

C. Prevents scurvy, healing

D. Protects cell membranes

Too much or too little of this mineral can cause thyroid problems

A. Iron

B. Iodine

C. Copper

D. Zinc

It is complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote cell health growth of red blood cell.

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin E

Vitamin B..

A. Gives us energy

B. Helps us see at night

C. Heals our wounds (cuts and scrapes)

D. Is known as the sunshine vitamin

Rickets in children is caused due to deficiency vitamin

A. A

B. D

C. K

D. E

It is a nutrient needed to have strong bones

A. iron

B. calcium

C. carbohydrates

D. fiber

Anaemia is caused due to deficiency of mineral

A. Potassium

B. Iodine

C. Iron

D. Phosphorus

Statement A: a balance diet that contain all the nutrients required in a day
Statement B:It is not good to take balance diet everyday

A. Both A&B are true

B. A is true and B is false

C. A is false and B is true

D. Both A and are false

Mineral helps to maintain immune system healthy bones and teeth

A. Sodium

B. Iodine

C. Calcium

D. Iron

A lack of protein can cause which non-communicable disease?

A. scurvy

B. kwashiorkor

C. rickets or osteomalacia

D. anaemia

How many nutrients are present in balanced diet

A. Four

B. Five

C. Six

D. Seven

Which of the following consider as anti sterility vitamin common in both males and females

A. E

B. A

C. D

D. K


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