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Genetic Diseases Quiz


the genetic disease that causes personality changes at the age of 40+ is

A. Polycystic Kidney disease

B. Huntington’s Disease

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is

A. Autosomal

B. Sex linked

XYY syndrome affects_____ and is caused by an extra_____ chromosome

A. females, Y

B. Males, Y

C. Females, X

D. Males, X

What is Hemophilia?

A. a genetic disorder affecting bloods ability to clot

B. a genetic disorder where there is a 23rd chromosome

C. a type of gene

D. an allele

cystic fybrosis is

A. A D

B. A R

Huntington’s disease is



sickle cell anemia is



Down Syndrome is also called ..

A. Trisomy 20

B. Trisomy 22

C. Trisomy 23

D. Trisomy 21

What causes Alzheimers Disease

A. Aducanumab

B. fat build up in the body to toxic levels

C. build up of Amyloid proteins in the brain

D. kidney failure

Signs and symptoms of Hemophilia

A. spontaneous bleeding , hyperventilation, jaundice

B. hypoventilation, bruising, hypertension

C. spontaneous bleeding, bruising, arthritis, joint deformities

Which disease is caused by the absence of an enzyme that breaks down fatty substances, and kills children due to the buildup of fats to toxic levels

A. Turners syndrome

B. Cystic fibrosis

C. Alzheimers disease

D. Tay sachs

In order to help females who have Turners syndrome with short stature

A. stretching therapy is given

B. growth hormones are given

C. adrenaline injections are given

D. no way to fix this issue

Huntington’s Disease is caused by

A. a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain due to a mutation of the HTT gene/Chrom 4

B. a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain due to a mutation the PKD gene

C. Fluid filled cysts in the kidneys

D. trouble falling asleep

Color blindness is

A. Autosomal

B. Sex linked

Diabetes Type 1

A. Affects Adults

B. Affects Kids

Which disease is caused by a mutation in the CFTR gene and causes sticky thick mucus in your lungs

A. Tay Sachs

B. Turners Syndrome

C. Alzheimers disease

D. Cystic fibrosis

The CFTR gene controls

A. The movement of nerve cells in the body

B. The movement of salts and fluids into and out of cell

How many typesof Hemophilia are there?

A. 1

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

Turner syndrome can cause

A. personality changes

B. mental retardation

C. tall stature

D. infertility

Which progressive disease destroys a persons memory and the ability to form new memories

A. cystic fibrosis

B. alzheimers disease

C. polycystic kidney disease

D. Turners syndrome

Hemophilia is

A. Autosomal

B. Sex linked

Inability to see certain colors



C. Color blindness

lung disease mutation in copies of CFTR gene

A. Sickle cell anemia


C. Cystic fybrosis

delusion anxiety and weight loss are all symptoms of

A. Cystic fybrosis

B. Sickle cell anemia


D. Huntington’s disease

Turners syndrome is a result of

A. having only 1 X chromosome

B. having 3 copies of chromosome 21

C. having an extra Y chromosome


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