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Radiography Quiz


The only radiation that is of any clinical value is the radiation that is absrorbed in detector and able to be converted to a radiographic image for interpretation.



Which of these is used with a film screen and computed radiographic system?.

A. Bucky assembly

B. flouroscopic assembly

C. miscroscope

D. radiographic table

What is primary radiation?

A. Radiation that has not interacted with an object yet

B. Radiation that spreads out in different directions from a radiation beam when the beam interacts with a substance, such as body tissue.

C. Radiation left over in the body after an intial beam has been projected

D. Radiation that emerges from the body tissue

Radiographic tables must be set at a standard height of 48 inches.



What is scattered radiation?

A. Radiation that spreads out in different directions from a radiation beam when the beam interacts with a substance, such as body tissue.

B. Radiation before it hits the subject matter

C. Radiation after it hits and has passed through the subject matter at extremely high speeds

D. Radiation that is currently in the body but has not created an image

What is attentuation?

A. the gaining of radioactive energy as a result of passing through an absorbing material

B. the loss of radiation energy as a result of passing through an absrobing material

C. any mishap of true size or shape of the patient’s anatomy

Where is a mobile fluroscopy unit used?

A. Surgery

B. Doctor’s office

C. Emergency room

D. In home visits

Where is the x ray tube located?

A. tube housing

B. on a control arm

C. on a flat sheet of pyrex glass

D. at a radiographic housing

What are the two classes of Diagnostic Radiographic Imaging

A. Flouroscopic & Analog

B. Computerized & Digital

C. Flouroscopic and Digital or computerized

D. Microscopic and flouroscopic

What is one problem that can arise with mobile imaging units?

A. they are limited on power

B. they are not very easy to use

C. they are actually not very mobile

D. they are much stronger than a standard machine

X rays are designed to be aesthetically pleasing so as not to intimidate patients.



Which of these would be used for a patient in a hospital room that is currently immobile and cannot be moved under doctor’s orders?

A. mobile x ray imaging unit

B. standard x ray machine


D. CAT scan

Which of these is NOT a step in the image production process?

A. The X-ray beam energy is produced using high voltage eltectiricty

B. X rays pass through matter & strike an image receptor

C. Image receptor converts the enrgy of X-rays into an image

D. X-ray beam is produced by a thermal light source

What is fluoroscopy?

A. Use of x-rays to create real time images of patient anatomy and function

B. use of flouroscent light to create images of a patient

C. the study of how x rays interact with the brain

Newer systems are replacing the film screen based technology with what type of tech?

A. digital technology

B. analog technology

C. sonar technology

D. virtual technology


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