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Tracheostomy Care Quiz


What nursing intervention will you perform pre-and post suctioning in regard to Oxygen delivery?

A. Hyperoxygenation

B. Suction

C. Nebulization

The clinical instructor is watching a student perform trach care on a client. Which action by the student would indicate a need for further instruction?

A. The student changes the inner cannula using sterile technique.

B. The student cuts the gauze to fit around the tube.

C. The student secures the new tube holder strap before removing the old one.

D. The student ensures all safety equipment is at the bedside before starting the procedure.

The correct suction setting for trach suctioning is continuous suction at 80-120 mmHg.



A nurse is caring for a pt. with a tracheostomy. The nurse notes the patient is having gurgling sound from the tube, tachypnea, and attempting to cough. What action should the nurse prioritize?

A. Administer a decongestant.

B. Suction the patients tracheostomy.

C. Change the inner cannula.

D. Place the patient in the orthopneic position.

The nurse knows that what step will help prevent hypoxia during suctioning?

A. Continuous pulse oximetry during the procedure.

B. Replacing the oxygen between each pass.

C. Assessing the lung sounds pre-and post suctioning.

D. Administering rescue breaths with an ambu-bag if the saturation drops.

Vigorous coughing, or manipulation of the tracheostomy can cause what complication?

A. tachycardia

B. infection

C. accidental decannulation

A patient needs to have a tracheostomy placed for laryngeal cancer compromising the airway. What would be a priority for PRE-OP nursing interventions?

A. Establishing a form of communication with the patient post-op.

B. Explaining the risks and benefits of the surgery.

C. Using therapeutic communication to comfort the patient and reduce anxiety.

D. Showing the patient photographs of other people with a tracheostomy

A client has a tracheostomy inserted due to copious amounts of tracheobronchial secretions r/t pneumonia. What is the primary purpose for a trach on this person?

A. Increasing the size of the airway for better oxygenation.

B. Improving oxygenation to the brain and essential organs.

C. To prevent trauma from oral or nasal suctioning to the patient.

D. Airway maintenance and removal of excess mucous secretions.

A confused patient pulls out the tracheostomy. What is the priority nursing action?

A. Maintain patency of the tracheostomy by inserting an obturator.

B. Call a code blue.

C. Monitor the oxygen level and VS.

D. Page the doctor stat.

The rationale for providing adequate hydration for a client with a tracheostomy is…

A. to prevent heart failure.

B. to provide essential electrolytes.

C. to thin the mucous secretions.

D. to suppress the patients cough reflex.


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