Urinary System Quiz


What regulates the work of the kidney?

A. Hormones

B. Hypothalamus

C. Heart

D. Muscles

Urine is carried from the kidneys to the bladder by two thin tubes called …

A. Ureters

B. Capillaries

C. Urinary tracts

D. Tubules

What department are patients with urinary disorders treated in?

A. Surgical

B. Urological

C. Therapeutic

D. Dermatological

Cuplike divisions in the renal pelvis are called …

A. alveoli

B. nephtons

C. calyces

D. neurons

This function the urinary system doesn’t fulfill.

A. Control of the volume of blood and other fluids

B. Excretion of waste products

C. Production of blood

D. Control of arterial pressure

What science studies the functions and diseases of the organs of the urinary system?

A. Myology

B. Urology

C. Nephrology

D. Neurology

Where are the kidneys situated?

A. In the cranium

B. Behind the abdominal cavity

C. In the lower part of the abdomen

D. On the left side

What is the length of the ureter?

A. About 1 meter

B. About 50 cm

C. About 40 cm

D. About 30 cm

What organ doesn’t belong to the urinary system?

A. Kidney

B. Bladder

C. Brain

D. Urethra

With what can kidney be compared according to its function?

A. Sponge

B. Bean

C. Filter

D. Pelvis

Where is the bladder situated?

A. Under the stomach

B. Under the liver

C. Behind the heart

D. In the lower part of the abdomen

What specialist treats kidney diseases?

A. Neurologist

B. Neuropathologist

C. Urologist

D. Nephrologist

What does the urinary bladder serve for?

A. Temporary collection of urine

B. Formation of urine

C. Collection of stones

D. Discharge of waste products

What shape does the kidney have?

A. Almond

B. Triangular

C. Bean

D. Conic

What is the structural unit of the kidney?

A. Urine

B. Nephron

C. Hormone

D. Neuron


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