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Cosmetology Quiz


The _________ uses only one end paper folded in half over hair ends like an envelope.

A. Double flat wrap

B. Bookend wrap

C. Double flat wrap

D. Spiral wrap

What substance in the cortex gives natural color to the hair?

A. Protein

B. Melanin

C. Sebum

D. Tissue

Normal hair contains percent of the element carbon.

A. 6

B. 17

C. 21

D. 51

The range of numbers used in the ph scale is _________.

A. 0 to 5

B. 0 to 10

C. 0 to 7

D. 0 to 14

What is the medical term for ringworm?

A. Tinea

B. Furuncle

C. Carbuncle

D. Pneumocytis

Pheomelanin provides natural hair colors from to yellow and blond tones.

A. platinum and silver

B. brown and maroon

C. brown and black

D. red and ginger

Normal hair contains percent of the element oxygen.

A. 6

B. 17

C. 21

D. 51

A/an, also known as a facial treatment, is a professional skin treatment that improves the condition and appearance of the skin.

A. Facial

B. Exfoliation

C. Mask

D. Wrap

The difference between open and closed comedones is the size of the follicle opening, called the _________.

A. Ostium

B. Follicle

C. Comedo

D. pore

What type of skin appears shiny or greasy from clogged, dead cells in the follicle?

A. Dehydrated skin

B. Oily skin

C. Acid skin

D. Combination skin

What is the most common type of perm rod?

A. Curved

B. Concave

C. Convex

D. Soft bender

What is the lowest part of the hair strand?

a. hair follicle

b. hair bulb

c. dermal papilla

d. arrector pili

Of the 20 amino acids that make up hair, a person must obtain of the essential amino acids from daily diet.

a. seven

b. nine

c. eleven

d. thirteen

The cortex contains coloring matter in the form of minute grains of , or pigment.

A. medulla

B. albino

C. melanin

D. marrow

What is the medical term to describe dandruff?

A. Alopecia

B. Selenium

C. Pyrithone

D. Pityriasis

A Licensed cosmetologist is allowed to work on clients with nail disorders.



The nail of the middle finger grows fastest and the thumbnail grows the slowest.



Nail polish is applied to the __________.

A. Ligament

B. Eponychium

C. Cuticle

D. Nail plate

Clients with skin abnormalities, open sores, or fever blisters should be referred to a/an.

A. Podiatrist

B. Stylist

C. Physician

D. Gynegologist

______ often found in home haircoloring products, leave a coating on the hair that may cause uneven curls, severe discoloration, or hair breakage.

A. Peroxide

B. Ammonia

C. Waving solution

D. Metallic salts

Short, fine, downy, unpigmented hair is known as hair.

A. terminal

B. dense

C. vellus

D. dry

What structure in the skin or scalp encases a hair root?

a. Hair follicle

b. Hair bulb

c. Dermal papilla

d. Arrector pili

In the cortex, a side bond that is easily broken by strong alkaline or acidic solutions is a called a bond.

A. hydrogen

B. disulfide

C. salt

D. keratin

The process that stops the action of permanent wave solution and rebuilds the hair into its new form is called _____________.

A. Sectioning

B. Thio neutralization

C. Rinsing

D. Normalization

As newly formed cells mature, they fill up with a fibrous , then move upward, lose their nucleus, and die. This process is called keratinization.

A. protein

B. melanin

C. sebum

D. tissue


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