Medical Quiz

Polio Quiz


Viruses and bacteria rarely enter your body.



The virus paralyzed arms and legs.



What did Jonas salk create

A. Telephone

B. Paper

C. Polio vaccine

D. Compass

Polio is contagious?



Who invented the Polio vaccine?

A. Joseph Stalin

B. Jonas Salk

C. Jasper Liu

D. Louis Pasteur

Select the best definition for the word virus used in the book.

A. a very large vacuum

B. a small bug that lives underground

C. tiny particle that can cause an illness

D. a program that destroys your computer

With a vaccine, the body builds up an immunity to the germ/pathogen even though you’ve never actually had the germ/pathogen.



Select the best definition for the word symptom.

A. an agreed upon time to meet with a doctor

B. changes in the body that indicate an illness

C. to view things from above

D. a tiny particle that can cause an illness

What did kids do to help stop the spread of the virus?

A. They quarantined.

B. They stayed in plastic bubbles.

C. They wore masks.

Who did polio effect the most?

A. women

B. men

C. kids

D. the elderly

Who did Jonas test his vaccine on first

A. His pets

B. Random people

C. Himself

D. His family

What is the full-form of Polio?

A. Poliomyletis

B. Poliokematics

C. Poliotactics

D. Polio

What diseases have vaccines stopped from spreading?

A. measles

B. polio

C. small pox

D. all of these

A vaccine works by __________________________.

A. exposing your body to some form of a virus so that it learns how to fight the virus off

B. pumping your lungs with oxygen to help you breath more easily

C. boosting your immune system with vitamins

D. making the symptoms of a disease less painful

What is the machine Polio patients are kept in?

A. Automated breathing apparatus

B. Legit colony

C. Iron lung

D. Nebulizer

How did polio spread from one person to another?

A. the water supply, coughs & sneezes

B. by the food people ate

C. only through the air

D. it didn’t spread very easily


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