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Germs & Diseases Quiz


What sort of pathogen causes influenza (flu)?
A. A bacterium
B. A virus
C. A fungus
D. A protist

You can get measles by using the towels, dishes, or other objects used by an infected person.



When taking medicine sometimes these things happen to our bodies. Hint: negative effects that can be caused by medication.

A. Signs

B. Effects

C. Symptoms

D. Side effects

Viruses cause measles, chicken pox and

A. flu

B. mumps

Which disease is a non-infectious disease?
A. Diabetes
B. Influenza
D. Chickenpox

As part of the immune system, white blood cells fight germs. Another name for white blood cells is:

A. Rhinovirus

B. Leukocytes

C. Glands

D. Nodes

True or False: An antibiotic is a medicine that helps to kill viruses?

Bacteria can cause diseases of the ________ system.

A. digestive

B. respiratory

The body’s resistance to a disease through the presence of anitbodies is known as
A. Virus
B. Antibody
C. Vaccine
D. Immunity

What is one way a pathogen can enter the body?
A. Nose
B. Mouth
C. Broken Skin
D. All of the Aove

A protein made by white blood cells to fight a specific pathogen.
A. Antibody
B. Antivirus
C. Allegra
D. Allotment

Is a plant-like microbe. Causes athletes foot.

A. Bacteria

B. Virus

C. Parasite

D. Fungi

Malaria is caused by:

A. parasite

B. fungi

C. virus

D. bacteria

What its the best way to avoid any disease.
A. visit doctor frequently
B. take medicine
C. prevention
D. be alone

A dose of weakened or killed germs of one kind that helps the body make antibodies to protect itself is called a
A. Vaccine
B. Antibiotic
C. Antibody
D. Pathogen


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