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Neurology Quiz


Which of the following is an essential tool for surgery?

A. calculation

B. pencil

C. scalpel

D. blanket

In what sort of spinal injury could you lose control over your limbs?

A. Vertebrae damage

B. Disc damage

C. Muscle damage

D. Spinal cord damage

You are discharging your patient home from day surgery after a general anesthetic. What instruction would you give the patient prior to the patient leaving the hospital?

A. Eat a large meal at home

B. The patient is not to drive a vehicle

C. Do not sign important papers for the first 12 hours after surgery

D. The patient should have a glass of brandy the first night home to help him or her sleep

A ___________ carries instructions to the muscles from the spinal cord.

A. motor nerve

B. sensory nerve

C. dendrite

D. cerebellum

The cerebellum is responsible for

A. breathing, heart rate, and digestion

B. balance and coordination

C. memory storage

D. emotions

Are there side affects to anesthesia?

A. No, anesthesia is completely safe

B. Yes, but there aren’t many serious ones

C. Yes, it is very dangerous

Alzheimers can be diagnosed

A. truly only after death

B. by EEG

C. by PET scan

D. by reporting of symptoms

What is shown in the image?

A. Croustiller

B. Contrecoup

C. Cancoillotte

D. Croup

In the acronym FAST (for warning signs of a stroke), “A” stands for

A. asymmetry

B. atypical

C. aphagia

D. anemia

The medical term for abnormal sensation is

A. tremor

B. paresthesia

C. seizure

D. syncope

The most important responsibility a nursing assistant has to a client who has just returned from having surgery is to____.

A. be sure the client understands the importance of using the call bell.

B. report anything unusual about the client’s condition immediately to the nurse.

C. have the client cough and deep breath at least every hour.

D. take and record the client’s vital signs often.

This consists of the spinal cord and brain.





The body receives information from the environment through the _________ .

A. sensory nerves

B. motor nerves

C. spinal cord

D. synapse

Which of the following is not a skill necessary to become a surgeon?

A. Good social skills

B. Tennis ability

C. Concentration

D. Steady hands

The central nervous system is made of the brain and _____ .

A. brain stem

B. spinal cord

C. foot

D. cerebellum

Hyporeflexia is an upper motor neuron sign



Is an anesthesiologist required to be present during a procedure?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Presence is optional

D. They are not allowed to be present during a procedure

One way to reduce the risks from surgery is to choose a surgeon who has plenty of experience performing the operation.



__is when a rapid change in membrane polarity causes a signal to propagate down the axon

A. Polarization

B. Depolarization

C. Repolarization

D. Refraction

Concussion or compression: In which condition do symptoms tend to appear in a more severe fashion?

A. Compression

B. Concussion

Your patient is in the recovery room following chest surgery. The patient complains of severe nausea. What would you do next?

A. Administer an analgesic

B. Turn the patient completely to one side

C. Apply a cool cloth to the patient’s forehead

D. Offer the patient a small amount of ice chips

A patient present with numbness/tingling in the hand, but the origin of pain is from a pinched nerve root in the neck. This is known as a

A. hemiplegia

B. tendonitis

C. bursitis

D. radiculopathy

Spinal cord injuries make it difficult for ____________ to travel between the brain and rest of the body.

A. water

B. mail

C. messages

The supply of glucose to the brain must be continuous.



Why are individuals important in the development of surgery?

A. People are interested in people.

B. People are memorable.

C. They make the actual discoveries which lead to breakthroughs – without them, no progress.

D. Individuals leave records about themselves.


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