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Cheek tooth found between the canine teeth and molars; also called bicuspids

A. Incisors

B. Canines

C. Premolars

D. Molars

Plaque that has become calcified and is firmly adhered to teeth

A. Calculus

B. Plaque

C. Gingivitis

D. Bacteris

This is a cross section of a human tooth. The ‘X’ is a _____

A. dentine

B. enamel

C. gum

Used for tearing and located at the corners of the incisors. longer than the other and pointed at the top.

A. Incisors

B. Canines

C. Premolars

D. Molars

Hard, white substance covering the dentin of the crown of the tooth.

A. Enamel

B. Dentin

C. Cementum

D. Pulp

Bonelike connective tissue that covers the root of the tooth

A. Enamel

B. Dentin

C. Cementum

D. Pulp

Consists of nerves, blood vessels, and loose connective tissue.

A. Enamel

B. Dentin

C. Cementum

D. Pulp

How many permanent teeth do canines have?

A. 30

B. 32

C. 42

D. 45

What is the medical term for baby teeth?

A. Deciduous

B. Permanent

C. Adult

D. Puppy

Soft tissue within the center of a tooth, consisting of cells, vessels, and nerves

A. Root

B. Bone

C. Pulp

D. Cavity

Which of the following is chemical digestion?

A. Teeth crushing food

B. Saliva dissolving food

C. Smooth muscle churning the food

What is the canine permanent dental formula?

A. 4( I2/2, C1/1, P3/3, M2/3)

B. 2( I3/3, C1/1, P4/4, M2/3)

C. 2( I3/3, C2/2, P4/4, M3/3)

D. 2( I3/3, C1/1, P2/2, M2/2)

What causes periodontal disease?

A. bad diet

B. accumulation of bacteria and plaque on teeth and in gingival sulcus

C. not brushing teeth daily

A. I 4/4

B. I 4/3

C. I 3/4

D. P 3/4


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