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Which of the following are the components of physical fitness?

A. Strength

B. Endurance

C. Speed

D. All of these

Which one of these best describes coordination ?

A. To change body position quickly

B. To exercise the body for long periods of time

C. To move tow or more body parts together smoothly

D. To perform strength movements quickly

Which of the following is not a part of ‘Active Flexibility’?

A. Passive Flexibility

B. Dynamic Flexibility

C. Static Flexibility

D. None of these

How many components do physical fitness have?

A. Four

B. Three

C. Five

D. Six

The ability to overcome resistance for longer duration is called :

A. Speed

B. Strength

C. Endurance

D. Flexibility

Who said ” Endurance is a resistant for fatigue”?

A. Kroles

B. Don Hoskins

C. Dr. Skehan Bell

D. None of these

What is the other name of ‘Dynamic Strength’ ?

A. Static strength

B. Isotonic strength

C. strength endurance

D. None of these

What is the another name of synchronisation?

A. Co-ordination

B. Speed

C. Strength

D. Endurance

which of the following are the signs of mentally well people ?

A. Positive

B. Self-assured

C. Happy

D. All of these

Physical fitness is the ability of the person to do daily task without all



What should be the body fat percentage in women ?

A. 5 to 10

B. 10 to 15

C. 15 to 20

D. 20 to 25

The ability to move from one point to another in the shortest period of time.

A. Agility

B. Speed

C. Endurance

D. Power

Which organisation believes that, ‘Wellness is a state of complete physical ,mental and social well-being ,and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ ?

A. World Health Organisation

B. National Wellness Institute

C. Central Advisory Board of Physical Education and Recreation

D. None of these

The percentage of fat ,bone, water and muscle in human body is called.

A. Body composition

B. Muscular endurance

C. Muscular strength

D. Flexibility

The amount of time it takes to make a physical response.

A. Speed

B. Cardio-respiratory endurance

C. Agility

D. Reaction time


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