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Dental Specialties Quiz


how many years do you have to do in school to become a oral and maxillofacial surgery

A. 2 to 4 years

B. 4 to 6 years

C. 10 to 11 years

D. 5 to 7 months

A sticky material that forms on teeth is called?

A. Dental plaque

B. Mouth guard

C. Health care product

D. Physical fitness

Provides treatment and prevention of diseases of the gums, bone, and structures supporting the teeth

A. peridontics

B. oral surgery

C. endodontics

D. orthodontics

These teeth have relatively sharp edges and are used to cut or incise food.

A. canines

B. premolars

C. molars

D. incisors

A. periodontics

B. pedodontics

C. prosthodontics

D. endodontics

This is also known as cuspids; have one pointed cusp used for holding and tearing food.

A. molars

B. premolars

C. canines

D. incisors

These dental professionals provide oral hygiene techniques and dental health education.

A. Dental Assistant

B. Dentist

C. Dental Hygienist

D. Dental Lab Tech

The portion of the tooth embedded in the bone

A. root

B. crown

C. cementum

D. pulp

Which should be in your toothpaste?

A. iron

B. calcium

C. flouride

The soft, sticky film on teeth that contains bacteria.

A. caries

B. cavity

C. pulp

D. plaque

Surgery on the teeth, mouth, and jaw

A. orthodontics

B. endodontics

C. oral surgery

D. prosthodontics


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