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Cell Cycle Quiz


Why is it so important to replicate DNA?

A. so that each daughter cell is unique

B. to release energy

C. to make sure that the daughter cells are genetically identical to the parent cells

D. all of the above

The regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo is known as the

A. cellular respiration

B. photosynthesis

C. replication

D. cell cycle

Which enzyme fixes the Okazaki fragments in the lagging strand?

A. Helicase

B. Polymerase

C. Ligase

D. Primerase

What is different between how plant and animal cells use the cell cycle?

A. Plant cells use the cell cycle for energy, while animal cells use the cell cycle for sugar.

B. Plant cells are able to complete the cell cycle without using O2, but animals can not.

C. Plant cells create a cell plate since they are very rigid.

D. Animal cells create a cell plate since they are very flexible.

Which base can only pair up with Cytosine?

A. Adenine

B. Thymine

C. Guanine

D. all of the above can pair with cytosine

Which enzyme is responsible for adding the free nucleotides to the replicating DNA? ​

A. DNA Helicase

B. DNA Ligase

C. DNA polyermase

D. RNA Polymerase

Why is it crucial that living things are able to replicate their DNA?

A. Each cell must have its own DNA

B. Less copies of DNA are needed when a new cell is created

C. A cell needs multiple copies of DNA

D. Only muscle cells need DNA 

Which enzyme has the job of unzipping the double helix?

A. Helicase

B. Polymerase

C. Ligase

D. Primerase

What happens at the end of interphase?

A. the cell splits into 2 identical cells

B. the cell’s nucleus divides

C. the DNA unwinds

D. the cell is preparing for mitosis

Why do organisms use the cell cycle?

A. to grow and repair damaged cells

B. to make sugar

C. to get energy

D. to make unique cells

Simon looks at an image of a slide and notices that all of the chromosomes are lined up in along the middle of the cell. He is likely looking at a cell that is in

A. prophase

B. metaphase

C. anaphase

D. telophase

Which statement best describes chromosomes?

A. They carry out cellular respiration

B. They consist of the pigment chlorophyll

C. Their structure is only visible during interphase

D. They consist of tightly coiled strands of DNA and proteins

Which part of the cell cycle is divided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase?

A. interphase

B. mitosis

C. cytokinesis

If one strand of DNA has the sequence GCCATT, what would you expect to be the sequence on the opposite strand?






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