Medical Quiz

Organ Systems Quiz


Monitors leaked fluids and fights infection and disease.

A. Cardiovascular System

B. Lymphatic System

C. Digestive System

D. Endocrine System

The integumentary system includes all the following EXCEPT

A. red blood cells

B. hair

C. skin

D. fingernails

Which body system is responsible for producing offspring?

A. reproductive

B. respiratory

C. digestive

D. skeletal

This system eliminates solid wastes from the body. 

A. digestive

B. respiratory

C. cardiovascular

D. immune

This system regulates the metabolism and works with other systems to regulate horomones.  The thyroid gland is an organ of this system.  

A. nervous

B. reproductive

C. digestive

D. endocrine

The skeletal system works together with the _____ system so that the body can move.  

A. muscular

B. urinary

C. excretory

D. immune

Major organs of the nervous system

A. Kidneys, nephrons

B. Stomach, intestines, mouth

C. Heart, blood vessels, blood

D. Brain, spinal cord, nerve

Which of the following correctly lists organs of the respiratory system?

A. lungs, stomach, pharynx

B. nose, pharynx, intestines

C. nose, trachea, lungs

D. stomach, gall bladder, tongue

Which system breaks down food and absorbs the nutrients?

A. respiratory system

B. endocrine system

C. excretory system

D. digestive system

Which system connects to the bones to move them?

A. digestive system

B. circulatory system

C. skeletal system

D. muscular system

Filters and regulates blood and body fluid composition and eliminate toxins.

A. Respiratory System

B. Lymphatic System

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Urinary System

This system provides the body with support, shape, and it helps to protect vital organs. 

A. nervous

B. unrinary

C. skeletal

D. muscular

The respiratory system works together with the ____ system so that all cells of the body receive oxygen. 

A. nervous

B. endocrine

C. circulatory

D. integumentary

Heart, blood vessels, blood

A. Digestive system

B. Excretory system

C. Circulatory system

D. Immune system

This system controls all other systems. 

A. respiratory

B. nervous

C. endocrine

D. integumentary


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