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Neuroanatomy Quiz


The cerebellum is divided into how how many lobes?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Which of the following structures is involved in error recognition in one’s behaviors?

A. nucleus accumbens

B. mammillary bodies

C. fornix

D. anterior cingulate cortex

Name the green line

A. parieto-occpital fissure

B. central sulcus

C. transverse fissure

D. lateral fissure

what is the named of the outermost layer of the meninges?

A. dura mater

B. subarachnoid mater

C. pia mater

D. arachnoid mater

Identify #1

A. Midbrain

B. Medulla

C. Cerebellum

D. Pons

Locus Coeruleus is located here and this structure plays a role in movement. Damage here may result in Gaze Palsy.

A. Medulla

B. Midbrain

C. Pons

D. Cerebellum

Which of the following lobes of the cerebellum does not exist?

A. anterior lobe

B. middle lobe

C. posterior lobe

D. Flocculonodular lobe

This structure is the auditory reflex center

A. inferior peduncles

B. cauda equina

C. inferior colliculi

D. superior colliculi

The finger to nose test is a good assessment for ___ damage

A. caudate nucleus

B. fornix

C. cerebellar

D. anterior cingulate gyrus

Which of the following structures is involved in motivation and reward?

A. amygdala

B. nucleus accumbens

C. anterior cingulate cortex

D. basal ganglia

Pyramidal decussation occurs where?

A. Medulla

B. Pons

C. Forebrain

D. Caudate nucleus

This structure plays a vital role in deciding which sensory signals should be processed or ignored

A. substantial nigra

B. reticular formation

C. Nucleus Solitarius

D. Area Postrema

This structure contains the corpora quadrigemina

A. pons

B. thalamus

C. medulla

D. midbrain

True or False: cerebellar dysfunction/damage typically leads to motor weakness and paralysis



This structure attaches the cerebrum to the brainstem

A. Cerebellar peduncles

B. Red nucleus

C. Superior Colliculus

D. Cerebral peduncles

Identify #3

A. Medulla

B. Midbrain

C. Pons

D. None of the above

This structure is visual reflex center

A. superior colliculi

B. cauda equina

C. inferior colliculi

D. cerebral aqueduct

Name the yellow line

A. lateral sulcus

B. central sulcus

C. lateral gyrus

D. transverse gyrus


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