Medical Quiz

Source of Food Quiz


Which of these is obtained from plants

A. Cheese

B. Fruits

We get butter from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

We get from wheat from_______ .

A. animal

B. plant

Rich in proteins and minerals.

A. Body building food

B. Protective food

C. Energy giving food

Energy giving food is rich in carbohydrate and fat.



We get tea from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal

Which is an example of a carbohydrate?

A. Beans

B. Avocado

C. Rice

D. Yogurt

Find the plant source of food .

A. Fruits

B. eggs

C. honey

D. meat

We get banana from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

We get egg from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal

We get honey from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

We get milk from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal

Foods which protect our body from various diseases are called ______ food.

A. Protective food

B. Energy giving food

C. Body building food

Food provides us ____________and __________.

A. nutrition and energy

B. milk

C. laziness


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