Medical Quiz

Source of Food Quiz


Which is an example of a carbohydrate?

A. Beans

B. Avocado

C. Rice

D. Yogurt

We get from wheat from_______ .

A. animal

B. plant

Energy giving food is rich in carbohydrate and fat.



We get egg from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal

We get tea from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal

We get honey from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

Rich in proteins and minerals.

A. Body building food

B. Protective food

C. Energy giving food

We get banana from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

Food provides us ____________and __________.

A. nutrition and energy

B. milk

C. laziness

Find the plant source of food .

A. Fruits

B. eggs

C. honey

D. meat

Foods which protect our body from various diseases are called ______ food.

A. Protective food

B. Energy giving food

C. Body building food

We get butter from _______ .

A. animal

B. plant

Which of these is obtained from plants

A. Cheese

B. Fruits

We get milk from _______ .

A. plant

B. animal


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