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Healthy Living Vocabulary Quiz

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind overall.

A. lifestyle

B. culture

C. obesity

D. wellness

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Major Nutrients Disease & Immunity Muscular System Movements What is Psychology? Homeostasis and Disease 3M Micropara Human Digestive System Mitosis for Mya Health and Wellness Living Organisms & Animal Behaviors Endocrinology Adaptive Immune System Transportation and Excretion HCMA - Hematology Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition

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Nervous System and Special Senses › View

The elevated ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are known as ______ while the shallow grooves are termed ______.

A. gyri; sulci

B. sulci; gyri

C. ganglia; gyri

D. tracts; ganglia

Genetics: Viruses and Bacteria › View

One important way to control the spread of viruses in through

A. the use of vaccines

B. drinking a lot of tea

C. the use of other types of bacteria

D. the use of antibiotics