Medical Quiz

Infection Control Quiz


Which of these is a ringworm fungus of the foot?

A. tinea barbae

B. folliculitis barbae

C. tinea pedis

D. tinea capitis

​A fungicidal disinfectant is capable of destroying:

A. fungi

B. bacteria, fungi and viruses

C. bacteria

D. viruses

The term _____ refers to colonies of microorganisms that adhere to environmental surfaces, as well as to the human body, and secrete a sticky protective coating that cements them together.

A. mildews

B. parasites

C. bloodborne pathogens

D. biofilms

Which of these is NOT a method of cleaning your tools or implements?

A. washing them with soap and water and then scrubbing the with a clean, disinfected brush

B. using a cleaning solvent

C. soaking them in disinfectant

D. using an ultrasonic unit

You should wash your hands thoroughly:

A. before and after every service

B. only after using the restroom

C. only when they are visibly dirty

D. at least once every hour

Which type of bacteria cause blood poisoning?​

A. bacilli

B. streptococci

C. staphylococci

D. spirilla

When cleaning your implements, you should rinse them with:

A. warm water

B. disinfectant

C. cold water

D. hot water

What should you do first when preparing to clean and disinfect a basic foot basin?​

A. rinse the foot basin with clean water

B. fill the basin with disinfectant

C. scrub the inside of the foot basin

D. put on gloves and safety glasses

Hospital disinfectants can be used on _____ surfaces in the salon.​

A. nonporous

B. neither porous nor nonporous

C. porous

D. both porous and nonporous

OSHA defines ___ as “specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against a hazard.”

A. anticeptics


C. biofilms

D. multiuse items

A(n) _____ uses impellers to circulate water.​

A. air-jet basin

B. pipeless foot spa

C. whirlpool foot spa

D. non-whirlpool foot spa

A state regulatory agency can issue penalties against:​

A. the cosmetologist

B. neither the salon owner nor the cosmetologist

C. the salon owner

D. both the salon owner and the cosmetologist

The term _____ is defined as a chemical process for reducing the number of disease-causing germs on cleaned surfaces to a safe level.

A. decontaminating

B. sanitizing

C. sterilizing

D. disinfection

Which of the following is an example of a single-use item?​

A. permanent wave rod

B. pumice stone

C. nippers

D. metal pusher


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