Medical Quiz

Infection Control Quiz


Chemical products that destroy all bacteria, fungi, and viruses (but not spores) on surfaces are known as ________.

A. antiseptics

B. disinfectants

C. sterilizers

D. sanitizers

Immunizations are available to prevent


B. hepatitis B

C. hepatitis C

D. herpes

What type of environment is best for the growth of most microorganisms?

A. Hot and dry

B. Sunny, cold and dry

C. Warm, dark and moist

D. Cold and wet

Health care workers who have direct patient contact are advised to take the

A. AIDS vaccine

B. hepatitis B vaccine

C. herpes vaccine

D. staphylococcus vaccine

Which organisms are pus-forming bacteria that grow in clusters like bunches of grapes?

A. Streptococci

B. bacilli

C. staphylococci

D. spirilla

What should you do first when preparing to clean and disinfect a basic foot basin?​

A. rinse the foot basin with clean water

B. fill the basin with disinfectant

C. scrub the inside of the foot basin

D. put on gloves and safety glasses

You should wash your hands thoroughly:

A. before and after every service

B. only after using the restroom

C. only when they are visibly dirty

D. at least once every hour

​A fungicidal disinfectant is capable of destroying:

A. fungi

B. bacteria, fungi and viruses

C. bacteria

D. viruses

Pathogen that causes disease

A. portal of exit

B. susceptible host

C. causative agent

D. portal of entry

A micro-organism that causes disease is….

A. an interferon

B. an erythrocyte

C. a troublemaker

D. a pathogen

Hospital disinfectants can be used on _____ surfaces in the salon.​

A. nonporous

B. neither porous nor nonporous

C. porous

D. both porous and nonporous

Body defenses against infection include

A. fingernails and toenails

B. hair on the head

C. mucous membranes

D. nonintact skin

What is the single most effective way to break the chain of infection?

A. handwashing

B. sterilization

C. cleaning surfaces

D. nutrition

Which of the following is an example of a single-use item?​

A. permanent wave rod

B. pumice stone

C. nippers

D. metal pusher

An example of a droplet transmission by disease is by

A. coughing, sneezing, or talking

B. germs carried through the ventilation system

C. microbes carried by moisture and dust in the air

D. inhaling the odor of unpleasant excretions

What is communicable?

A. spread of disease or infection from person to person with (in)direct contact

B. spread of disease or infection by viruses communicating with each other

C. communicating to your physician the need for a physical

D. spread of infectious people by bacteria communicating with other bacteria

A state regulatory agency can issue penalties against:​

A. the cosmetologist

B. neither the salon owner nor the cosmetologist

C. the salon owner

D. both the salon owner and the cosmetologist

One-celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics are known as___________.

A. diseases

B. bacteria

C. cells

D. minute

what is constantly beating towards the outside of your body to remove pathogens

A. cilia

B. oxygen

C. blood

D. mucous

pathogen transmitted through air, soil, food or feces

A. direct contact

B. indirect contact

C. opportunistic infection

D. nosocomial infection

What is the best way to prevent nosocomial infections?

A. Antibiotics

B. Handwashing

C. Clean sheets

D. Having the patient wear a mask

Identify the part(s) of the chain of infection that has been eliminated by the following actions:  food handling

A. infectious agent

B. source or reservoir

C. mode of transmission

You do not need to wash your hands as long as you are wearing gloves



What is used to cure someone with a bacterial infection such as strep throat?

A. Radiation

B. Aspirin

C. Antibiotics

D. Ibuprophen

Round-shaped bacteria are called__________.

A. bacilli

B. cocci

C. spirilla

D. retrobacteria


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