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Infection Control Quiz


Which government agency created the rules for Standard Precautions?





pathogen transmitted through air, soil, food or feces

A. direct contact

B. indirect contact

C. opportunistic infection

D. nosocomial infection

Which organisms are pus-forming bacteria that grow in clusters like bunches of grapes?

A. Streptococci

B. bacilli

C. staphylococci

D. spirilla

Invasion of body tissues by disease causing pathogenic bacteria can result in a(n)__________.

A. infection

B. antitoxin

C. abrasion

D. contusion

An infection that begins in a healthcare facility is a

A. endogenous

B. nosocomial

C. exogenous

D. opportunistic

infection acquired while body defenses are weak

A. nosocomial

B. opportunistic 

C. direct

D. indirect

What should you do first when preparing to clean and disinfect a basic foot basin?​

A. rinse the foot basin with clean water

B. fill the basin with disinfectant

C. scrub the inside of the foot basin

D. put on gloves and safety glasses

A(n) _____ uses impellers to circulate water.​

A. air-jet basin

B. pipeless foot spa

C. whirlpool foot spa

D. non-whirlpool foot spa

Viruses are not affected by antibiotics.



A type of disease where the body attacks itself is called?

A. automatic

B. antibiotic

C. autoimmune

D. hereditary

Pathogen that causes disease

A. portal of exit

B. susceptible host

C. causative agent

D. portal of entry

Handwashing should be performed before and after:

A. direct patient contact

B. touching an environmental surface

C. passing each meal tray

D. handling clean linen

The term _____ is defined as a chemical process for reducing the number of disease-causing germs on cleaned surfaces to a safe level.

A. decontaminating

B. sanitizing

C. sterilizing

D. disinfection

Spiral of corkscrew shaped bacteria are called_________.

A. bacilli

B. cocci

C. spirilla

D. retrobacteria

A sign of bacterial infection is the presense of_________.

A. lesions

B. tissue

C. pus

D. blood

When washing your hands, you should use soap, warm water, and friction, and keep your fingertips:

A. Pointed up.

B. Pointed down.

C. Held tightly together.

D. Dry.

Identify the part(s) of the chain of infection that has been eliminated by the following actions:  food handling

A. infectious agent

B. source or reservoir

C. mode of transmission

person who gets a disease because of weak defenses

A. causative agent

B. susceptible host

C. reservoir

D. portal of entry

As of June 2015. both federal and state laws require that manufactures supply a(n) ______for all chemical products manufactured and sold.





Airborne infections are transmitted by which of the following?

A. birds

B. hairbrushes

C. sneezes

D. flies

A micro-organism that causes disease is….

A. an interferon

B. an erythrocyte

C. a troublemaker

D. a pathogen

The type of bacteria that rarely shows any active motility is known as ________.

A. cocci

B. pus

C. spirilla

D. flagellum

Hospital disinfectants can be used on _____ surfaces in the salon.​

A. nonporous

B. neither porous nor nonporous

C. porous

D. both porous and nonporous

Staphylococcal infections may cause

A. athlete’s foot

B. wound infections

C. herpes

D. measles and mumps

One-celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics are known as___________.

A. diseases

B. bacteria

C. cells

D. minute


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