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Living Organisms & Animal Behaviors Quiz


Which behavior is genetically based and NOT linked to past experiences?

A. innate behavior

B. habituation

C. operant conditioning

D. classical conditioning

A bark, snort, growl, and hoot are all examples of what type of communication 
A. non-verbal communication
B. verbal communication
C. short distance communication
D. aggressive communication 

An internal stimulus happens ____________ the body
A. outside
B. inside
C. behind
D. under

When animal learns to ignore harmless stimuli like a scarecrow, what type of learning is this? 
A. innate learning
B. classical conditioning 
C. habituation 
D. trial and error learning 

A _________ is defined as a way an animal responds to a stimulus.

A. response

B. instinct

C. attitude

D. behavior

What is the MAIN reason animals engage in play behavior?
A. to socialize
B. to strengthen family bonds
C. to learn about each other
D. to learn skills like hunting

A (an) ____ is an environmental change that directly influences the activity of an organism.

A. stimulus

B. behavior

C. innate response

D. fixed action pattern

Which of the following is an example of COURTSHIP behavior?
A. growling at foe
B. barking for attention
C. nursing young
D. showing bright feathers

All living things are composed of. . . .(building blocks of living things)

A. Energy

B. Cells

C. Atoms

D. Bugs

Studies show what 2 factors influence an animal’s behavior?

A. food & space

B. genetics & experience

C. experience & food

D. genetics & food

Which of the following is NOT an example of a stimulus?
A. Sight
B. Sound
C. Smell
D. foraging 

_____________ behaviors result from an interaction between innate behaviors & past experiences.

A. Genetic

B. Hunting

C. Innate

D. Learned

Which animal displays migratory behavior?
A. geese 
B. moose
C. deer
D. wild hog 

Which is an example of a behavior?

A. blood flowing through veins

B. a dog avoiding a foul odor

C. tree branch providing shade

D. . a rabbit’s fur turning white

The scent of food is an example of a (an) ____ stimulus.

A. innate

B. external

C. internal

D. habitual

A plant growing towards the light is an example of
A. reproduction.
B. responding to a stimuli.
C. metabolism.
D. homeostasis.

Which is an example of innate behavior?

A. pond ducks flocking to be fed

B. bears leaning to catch fish

C. human babies speaking words

D. birds chirping when hatched


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