Medical Quiz

Common Diseases in Human Beings Quiz


Which of the following is the symptom of Diphtheria?

A. Bleeding gum

B. Hydrophobia

C. Sore throat

D. Night sweating

Infectious diseases are diseases caused by an organism such as a virus or a bacterium, which is called a:

A. pathogen

B. toxicant

C. pandemic

D. carcinogen

Rat carries pathogen named Salmonella typhi.



A disease on a world-wide scale is known as

A. Epidemic

B. Pandemic

C. Endemic

D. Sporadic

Which of the following pathogens causes cholera in humans?

A. Fungi

B. Bacteria

C. Virus

D. Protozoan

How many type of disease?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Which way a pathogen can enter the body?

A. Nose

B. Injured skin

C. Mouth

D. All of the above

Following are the causes that weaken the immune system except

A. Stress

B. Exposure to polluted air

C. Exposure to pesticides

D. Healthy diet

The study of disease is known as

A. Toxology

B. Immunology

C. Pathology

D. Diseasology

Which of the following is a set of bacterial diseases?

A. Malaria, poliomyelitis, mumps

B. Mumps, cholera, typhoid

C. Cholera, Typhoid, Diphtheria

D. Measles, Tuberculosis, Tetanus

Which disease is spread by dirt particles getting into wounds? It can cause lockjaw from the toxins it produces.

A. Tetanus

B. Botulism

C. Strep Throat

D. Gangrene

Cholera is caused by a bacteria named “Vibrio Cholerae”



A disease that spreads from one host to another is known as

A. Communicable

B. Compatible

C. Noncommunicable

D. Noncompatible

What is a non-communicable disease?

A. An illness that can be passed on by germs from person to person.

B. A disease that cannot be passed on to another person.

Which of the following pathogens causes Tuberculosis _________.

A. Virus

B. Bacterium

C. Protozoan

D. Malnutrition


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